No Matter What Happens, We’re NEVER Going Back To ‘Normal’

I do not wish to be the bearer of any more bad news, but I have to point out that the United States as we all knew it is truly dead. No matter which side of this coup prevails — the side that embraces lawlessness, or the side that embraces the law — the America we knew in 2019 is gone forever. Here are the two choices we now face, and I do not see any middle ground between them.

First, if President Trump does his Constitutional duty and invokes the Insurrection Act and the September 2018 Executive Order, this nation will be forever changed. Many of Trump’s supporters seem to jump at this possibility. The problem is, I don’t think they have thought through what it will mean — not fully. This is because too few of them realize just how wide-spread this subversion of our nation is. Because they don’t realize it, or don’t stop to think about it, they do not realize that, if President Trump does his duty, we will have to totally re-build the United States.

Why do I say we will have to rebuild the nation? Well, that’s easy: because, in order to make sure he gets all of the cancer infecting our nation, Trump will have to enforce the 14th Amendment, as well as the provisions of the 2018 EO. This means he will freeze all assets belonging to any person, business or organization that supported this coup in any way — either actively or passively. OK, sounds good so far, right? Are you sure? Let’s start looking at what this means in detail to see how sure you really are.

First, we have to end the Party system, and those who are in the Democrat Party will have to be banned from ever holding a public office or serving in government at any level — for life! This is because the DNC is the primary focal point of this coup and, whether they knew it or not, those who voted for Biden or supported the DNC are part of the coup. Even if you are a Democrat who voted for Trump, if you retained your Democrat Party membership, you were still lending your political support to their coup.

Trump will also have to do the same to the majority of Republicans, as well. As we are now discovering, the corruption connected to this coup runs deep in the RNC. It may even be that Trump bans all Republicans in the same way he does Democrats — just to be sure they are purged from the system.

Removing and banning people is part of the 14th Amendment, my friends. So this is actually the law, and Trump must enforce it if he is going to save the Constitution. Furthermore, we who remain (I tore up my Republican registration back in 2015 and have been a registered independent ever since) will have to help Trump devise a new system that does not allow political Parties or organizations. Anyone loyal to a Party essentially violates the spirit of the restriction designating the President to be ‘natural Borne.’ That provision was to insure the President would not have divided loyalties. Well, a Party member is loyal to their Party first, then their constituents, and the nation last. So, to insure we do not repeat this mess, we need to replace the Party system.

After we purge the political system, we have to deal with the fact that the media will have to be shut down and dissolved. I mean all of what we call ‘main stream’ media, but also social media and the entertainment industry — movies, television and music. Any and all parent companies that had any hand in the coup will have their assets frozen and the upper level ownership/management and front people will have to be prosecuted for their part in the insurrection. This will ultimately be a good thing, especially if — as with the political system — we take care to revamp the 1st Amendment protections so as to remove the illegal rulings shielding the Press from any consequences of its actions.

Then we have to deal with Corporate America. Any and all who were part of the coup — in any way — must suffer the same fate as those in the media. Friends, this will hit nearly every industry we know. Anyone who donated to ANTIFA or BLM is guilty. Any corporation that donated to the DNC or RNC is guilty. In short, the majority of Corporate America will fall. Unfortunately, this may also sweep up a great many smaller businesses, as well. But, whoever survives, we will have to help the country re-design the way we do business. The corporate structure will need to be eliminated and we will have t return to charter companies and co-ops, like we used to do before corporations were recognized as people. This way, we can make it much more difficult for people to avoid the consequences for their actions by hiding behind a corporation.

Then we start taking down the school system. This is the primary vehicle by which the poison that lead to this coup was introduced into our society, and it the single, most important thing that needs to be erased. Again, we will need to re-build our schools.

There is a list of other thing that are part of this coup. They will include most major sports, especially the NFL and NBA (they are beholden to foreign nations); banking (they lead the corporate side of the coup); the Internet (Microsoft will be dissolved in this process); even many churches will have to be dealt with (especially if they are part of the color revolution). In short, there is absolutely nothing in your life that has not been infiltrated in some way or another.

There is one last thing we need to understand. China is a major player in the attack on this country, but so is Islam and — most likely — Russia. Well, when President Trump freezes all assets of those foreign nations found to have attacked us, these folks are not going to be very happy — especially China and Islam. They have major stakes in American businesses, property and our national debt, and all of that will be wiped away. This will lead to the very real chance of open war, possibly even nuclear war. Millions could die.

So, you see, President Trump has a lot to think about before he invokes the Insurrection Act. The consequences are staggering.

On the other hand: if Trump surrenders the nation to these thieves, then he surrenders the freedom of all humanity — forever! These people will never again allow themselves to lose their power — ever! And these people will then start to fight among themselves. This is because the NWO/Global Reset/DAVOS cabal is Marxist and seeks global control. The Chinese side is Commo-Fasicts, and seeks world dominance. And Islam is Islamo-Fascist and seeks global control. They are co-operating right now because they all want to destroy the United States. However, if they succeed, then they will start to fight among themselves shortly after that, and that will lead to a war just as certainly as if Trump does his duty — probably even more so. Depending on which side wins that fight, it could mean the death of as many as 7.2 BILLION people! Never forget: one side of this equation wants to enslave you forever. Another side wants to convert you, enslave you or kill you. But the last side of this evil is dedicated to eliminating all but 500 Million people — globally! They mean to see it happen, too. Don’t ever forget that.

12 thoughts on “No Matter What Happens, We’re NEVER Going Back To ‘Normal’

  1. Good analysis of our current situation! We can see no human solution, but free people will have to improvise during the confusion until Matthew 13:24-30 is fulfilled.

    1. There is actually one glaringly obvious human solution that rests upon the conscience of Joe Biden according to his baptismal vows as the devout the devout Catholic he claims himself.

      Joe Biden needs to concede the election to President Trump.

      He needs to publicly repent of his history of malice. His soul is in a state of mortal sin. Unless he repents he condemns his soul for eternity. If he is indeed Catholic he knows this.

      If Biden were to have the courage, honor, integrity, to not let this opportunity albeit golden to go to waste, he would redeem the world in the eyes of Christ Jesus as is his duty as a Catholic.

      That is the perfect and only solution to this tragedy. Our beautiful America; One Nation Under God.

      Please pray.


      1. Why I like the sentiment in your comment, that will not solve this problem. The corruption MUST be purged — period! If it isn’t, it will just come back again and, the next time, it will be unstoppable.

        One other thing: Biden is no longer (if he ever was) a disciple of Christ. He prayed to Allah on national TV during the last debate. That ends it for him. Having once known the Lord, he has turned from Him and accepted a false god. Scripture says Biden is now lost as Joe cannot twice crucify Christ to forgive him of the sin of apostasy after having accepted Christ (this is the unforgivable sin).

      2. Biden does no have the mental capacity to any of which you suggested, he is a stumbling, bumbling pathetic old man.

  2. Thank you for writing and sharing this article….a wonderful “distillation” or perhaps better described as a “reduction” of the various consequences that confront us.

    An acquaintance with whom I shared your post had these comments:

    ” Hmm. Not sure I agree with all of this assessment. I might be missing something, but…

    I question this statement: “Even if you are a Democrat who voted for Trump, if you retained your Democrat Party membership, you were still lending your political support to their coup.” By this logic, in turn, one would have to know how each individual voted regardless of registration and this is very unlikely. Furthermore, why would Independent voters be protected when they could have easily voted for Biden and unintentionally supported the coup.

    In addition, “It may even be that Trump bans all Republicans in the same way he does Democrats — just to be sure they are purged from the system.” I believe Trump is a registered Republican, would he then have to ban himself? I’m not following the logic. ”

    Can you respond and clarify?

    Thank you.

    Jack Marren

      1. Hi, Thank you for your response and the link…I tried to connect and here’s all I got:

        TOUGH TRUTHS: There were no ‘Good’ NAZI’s
        This may be from my blog dedicated to Scriptural World View, but it could just as easily have been posted here, under “Lessons in Logic,” or “Principles of Natural Law.”

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        Posted on June 1, 2018 by Black3Actual
        Posted in ARCHIVES, Uncategorized

        Can you provide me with an alternate link that might get me to your piece “Tough Truths There Were No Good Nazis?”

        I’ll keep watch for your reply.

    1. Now, more to the point of your question:

      I have struggled with this for some time now, and I cannot answer your question without doing so in terms of religion. That is because the answer is of morality, and — ultimately — ALL morality comes from the Creator. So, here is how I see this issue:

      At this point, the issue is no longer Left v Right, but Good v Evil. If a person sides with evil, but says they vote for ‘righteousness,’ then how can they claim to be ‘good?’ The matter is one of alliance. If I congregate with Satanists, I cannot then claim to support God’s Laws and, therefore, say I am not evil. One cannot be on both sides of the good-evil divide at the same time. This is how I see the issue of Democrats all being guilty. The Party is evil. Its platform is evil. Its agenda is evil. Everything about it is evil — per Scripture. Therefore, no one who — of their own free will — joins and remains part of the Party can claim they are not evil. You either stand with Righteousness, or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

      As to the question about Trump being a Republican and having to ban ALL Parties, there is no contradiction — so long as Trump bans himself after his last term! Unless Trump’s delays are part of a long-play to keep the Right busy until it is too late to stop the NWO reset (i.e. unless Trump is a part of the coup), then Trump is innocent of the treason. But note that I did not say the whole Republican Party is necessarily evil. It is not — not in the way the DNC is. The Republican platform is not evil. Therefore, there are likely decent, law-abiding people in the GOP. HOWEVER, I also said that, because it will be so difficult to know good from bad, Trump MAY need to ban the GOP as a precaution. So, if you will please note, that comment was a speculation based on a conditional. But the same allowance cannot be made for those who are still part of a Party whose goal is the destruction of the nation (i.e. the DNC). They must be banned for life.

      I pray this helps: this and the above link to my previous post.

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