TOUGH TRUTHS: There were no ‘Good’ NAZI’s

This may be from my blog dedicated to Scriptural World View, but it could just as easily have been posted here, under “Lessons in Logic,” or “Principles of Natural Law.”


Before I begin, I want to remind readers that this blog is dedicated to the effort to see and understand the things of this world through a Biblical worldview.  This takes it for granted that readers have read the Bible or, at the very least, have an extensive knowledge of the Scriptures.  Next, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am using the ‘NAZI reference’ because — hopefully — it is a clear enough example that most rational, truth-seeking and lawful people will agree that there were no ‘good’ NAZI’s.  By that, I mean that, if you joined the NAZI Party of your own free will, you were not and could not be thought of as a ‘good’ person — not Scripturally, anyway.  I am not trying to call or connect the NAZI Party to any one person, group or organization.  Again: I am strictly using it as…

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