IF YOU FOLLOW THIS BLOG, PLEASE READ THIS POST I CAN NO LONGER SEPARATE MY WORLDVIEW I have not been actively blogging for some time, but the push to keep writing has been growing stronger.  The problem I've been struggling with is that I no longer know how to explain the way I see and … Continue reading IMPORTANT — PLEASE READ!

Virginia Gun Grabbers and Subversion

In the event that you have not been paying attention, the Democrat Party has seized control of the Virginia State govt. and now seeks to ban most all private weapons.  As is the norm where the political Left is concerned, this is not what it appears to be on the surface.  The Democrat Party did … Continue reading Virginia Gun Grabbers and Subversion

‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Neither Conspiracies, Nor Theories

Last Friday, I was a guest on The Morning Drive With Steve Nichols, a regional talk radio show originating from Valdosta, Georgia.  During the course of that show, I shared the history of some of what has been said and published by people who have openly expressed their desire to eliminate the United States and … Continue reading ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Neither Conspiracies, Nor Theories

A BIBLICAL Perspective on Trump, Ukraine, the Whistle-blower and the Media

This is from another of my blogs, As Through Glass, where I write about current events from a Scriptural perspective. TRTC started out to be a blog where I expressed the same ideas without the Scripture. As I mentioned in my last post, I can no longer do this. However, for those who do not care for ‘religion,’ I would still urge you to read through this post. You do not need to hold the same beliefs as I do, but it is still a Natural Law that, unless you embrace a Transcended Creator and a fixed, objective reality, YOU WILL BE FOOLED BY THE MISTAKEN BELIEFS OF THIS WORLD! You might be surprised to learn that the Founders thought along these same lines, so, with that said…:


I am greatly troub led by the number of self-professed ‘believers’ who have accepted the media narrative on President Trump, his phone call with the Ukraine President and the supposed ‘Whistle-Blower.’  I confess, I am troubled by the fact that so many ‘believers’ seem to have divorced themselves from politics all together.  This is not a Scriptural position to hold, but that is a subject for another post.  No, the thing that troubles me the most is that so many of the ‘believers’ who are paying attention seem to have accepted the media narrative on this story.  Dear reader, there is Truth here, and though we may never know exactly what it is, we can determine what it is not.  So, why would I be so concerned about professed believers who have accepted what they have been told about this story from the ‘main stream’ media?  Well, dear reader…

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So, You Don’t Believe Video Games are Connected to a Rise in Violence?

I find it very interesting that the media, politicians and video game industry all circle the wagons when video games are linked to violence in our society.  I find it interesting for several reasons.  First, while these folks deny the link, the U.S. Military is openly boasting about how well these violent games work at … Continue reading So, You Don’t Believe Video Games are Connected to a Rise in Violence?