Experience has taught me that we often learn as much or more from the discussions that follow a blog post as we do from the post itself.  Unfortunately, it’s equally true that the blog world is full of people who want nothing more than to disrupt these discussions.  Personally, I oppose censorship, but then, removing comments containing gratuitous language and/or personal attacks is not censorship.  At the same time, there are people who are either overly sensitive or who do not understand that criticisms aimed at their ideas or behavior as exhibited in their posts are not personal attacks. For this reason, I will monitor all comments on this blog and, if I believe it necessary, I’ll try to mediate any conflicts that appear to be escalating to the point of personal attack, but I reserve the right to edit and/or delete any post that needlessly uses vulgar language or contains personal attacks.

Other than this, I don’t foresee the need for any additional “rules” on this blog.  Feel free to take the discussion in whatever direction you believe to be relevant to the point at hand.


Your comments are wanted and welcome, but are moderated before posting

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