I am a layman, but I continuously conduct my own research into the original intentions of the Founders, and the meaning of the words they used to express those intentions.  I also look to the historic record to see what they did and how they did it.  I do this so I can understand the context of their times: what was going on and why.  In this fashion, I hope to better understand their objectives, as well as their thinking as to how best to achieve them.  As a result, I am constantly learning and, as I learn, I often have to change my opinions to my newest understanding of the Truth at hand

Therefore, from time to time, I may find that I need to edit one of my posts — as I have in whatever post lead you to this page.  However, for the purposes of maintaining a record of the evolution of a given post, rather than re-writing that post, I add addendum notices — such as this one — to my posts.  In this way, the reader can follow along as I learn and, when necessary, yield my opinions and change my arguments to fit new facts.  In addition, I hope it will also serve to demonstrate my attempts to be sincere in my research and honest in my admissions when a need for change or correction has been found.