I am a layman, but I take my self-education seriously.  I am continuously looking for original material to help me better understand the original intentions of our Founders, as well as those who they studied.  The purposes is to understand what they were actually trying to do and why.  To this purpose, I study the words they used and the meanings attached to those words when the Founders originally wrote them.  I also study the historic record so I can learn what was going on in the world at the time.  The idea is to understand their language and the context of their times so I can not only better understand what they were trying to do and why, but also how they were going about doing it.  This means I am constantly learning and, as a result of that, I find I often have to add to or even change my understanding of many issues.

Since I am trying to share what I have learned, I feel compelled to share these changes in my understanding as they happen.  At the same time, I wish to preserve a record of my process, so readers can see how I have gone from one position to another.  For this reason, instead of re-writing an entire post every time my understanding changes, I use the “ADDENDUM.”  An ‘addendum’ is just my way of letting the reader know that I have added additional information to or changed my original position on the topic of that particular post.  By doing this, I hope to demonstrate both the sincerity of my desire to learn the truth as best I can understand it, as well as the extent of my research in pursuit of that truth.