The pages posted under this heading explain what this blog page is all about, why I named it The Road to Concord, my comment policy and a much more about me than I usually like to tell.

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. really stuck with me. When comparing this attcak to the other cowardly attcak on our nation’s soil that she lived through, Pearl Harbor, she said that the shock of 9/11 was very much more dramatic because of the immediateness of our news these days. In 1941, she remember not getting the news until well after that attcak and of course they didn’t get the images until the newsreels came around. They weren’t released until January of ’43. The news and casualty figures were heavily censored, but the citizenry rallied together and the sleeping giant was roused to defend liberty.One can only imagine if Eisenhower had wanted to investigate the Truman or FDR admins for war crimes.

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