BASIC PRECEPTS: ‘Principle’ Is Just Another Word For ‘Moral Law’

Morality is a Natural Law.  As a Natural Law, it is fixed: it does not change.  As a Natural law, it is also universal: it applies equally, to all individuals, everywhere, at all times — past, present and future.  Now … Continue reading


PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING A RATIONAL LIFE: Unless There Is A ‘Turning Point,’ The Past Must Be Our Guide

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

— Patrick Henry

When we try to determine what will happen in the future, or evaluate what a given person tells you they plan to do in the future, we should always let the past govern our judgment.  This is because the past is not only our best, but our only guide to the future.  If something has always lead to a given result in the past, then we have absolutely no reason to expect it will end any differently in the future (socialism is the perfect example: no matter what the form, it always collapses within a generation).  The same applies to individuals: if their past shows a pattern of deception and/or broken promises, then we should just assume they will continue that pattern in the future.  Continue reading


PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING A RATIONAL LIFE: A Person’s Actions Outweigh Their Words

This is a basic principle for anyone who seeks to live a  rational and self-disciplined life.

I have written that reason dictates we should take people at their word.  However, in that blog post, I also provided a condition to this rule.  When a persons actions contradict their words, it may be cause to disregard what they say in favor of what they do.  However, as with most things, there are conditions to this rule, as well. Continue reading

FORMS OF TYRANNY: ‘Labeling’ Is A Form Of Tyranny

The Oil in Your Lamp

This post is about something which took me my entire life to understand, and with which I am still struggling.  Knowing something is wrong and training yourself to undo life-long habits so you do not do it are two entirely different things.  It also does not help that this is a rather complicated issue.  This is why I ask that the reader please stay with me, so that I can explain it to the best of my ability before you draw any conclusion.  This is all I can ask, but I hope you’ll give me a fair hearing as this is an important issue — especially in the times in which we now live.

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A fundamental principle of Natural Law is that definitions are fixed.  Once a thing is defined, it does not change.  If it does, then it is not the definition that has changed, but the thing itself, in which case, the definition is still fixed, it just no longer applies to that thing.  While this may sound confusing, it is not.  And while it may not seem important, it is imperative to everything we do.  Please allow me to explain. Continue reading


PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING A RATIONAL LIFE: Until Their Actions Contradict Them, You Must Take People At Their Word

This is a basic principle for anyone who seeks to live a  rational and self-disciplined life.

We should take people at their word.  When we hear someone tell us they are going to do something, we should never dismiss what they are telling us.  Always assume they are telling you the truth and mean what they say. Continue reading


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: ANYONE Who Appeals To ‘Crisis Or Emergency’ As A Reason To Suspend Rights Is A Tyrant!


If we are to be free and self-governing, we have to understand something: liberty is not safety!  In fact, a free people will never be a safe people.  This is because there will always be people looking to enslave those who are free.  Those who seek to rule over others are tyrants — period!  There is no “yes, but:” they are tyrants and all tyrants are enemies to liberty, and to mankind in general.  Which brings us to another hard fact we need to accept:

ANYONE — and this means ANYONE who appeals to some ‘crisis’ or ’emergency’ as a justification for taking away the rights of free individuals is a tyrant! Continue reading