A Random Thought About ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Going Green’

I noticed something about the people who claim 'climate change' is driven by Man, and that the solution is this thing they call 'green energy.' The thing is, in order to explain it, I have to go through the Darwin/evolution crowed. The Darwin crowed likes to dismiss God. Instead of creation, they claim that life … Continue reading A Random Thought About ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Going Green’

The ‘Impeachment’ Sham

Do not fall for this 'impeachment' sham. This is not an impeachment, it is an attempt at a political assassination, and it is utterly lawless. Whether they convict Trump or not, if this event is given any weight at all, it will be yet another clear sign that we no longer live under the rule … Continue reading The ‘Impeachment’ Sham