Nearly every one of the men who drafted this nation’s foundational documents was a Christian, and those who did not meet the orthodox definition of Christian still professed a belief in a Creator who governs in the affairs of man. But more than this, they were unanimous in the assertion that morality is the key to maintaining a free and self-governing society, and that morality is impossible without religion. Yet, today, many Americans believe our founders were Deists and that they intentionally created a secular government. This simply isn’t true; it flies in the face of the historical record. To put this is simply and forcefully as possible, this nation was founded on the teachings of the Judeo/Christian religion. This is not a matter of opinion, nor is it open to debate. It is just a factual stating of what the men who designed our government actually said. On this point, there can be no higher authority than the men who actually built America.

The posts on under this page are intended to help those who wish to discover this truth about the historical record. They are not meant to be exhaustive, or even definitive, but rather, as an in-depth introduction to various aspects of the historical record which will – taken together – form what our founders called “the organic history” of our nation’s founding. It is my hope that they will provide a quick reference point from which to start a more dedicated personal study into this subject, because, as the founders said, the preservation of our liberty depends upon our ability to reclaim and hold on to the principles upon which they built this nation. And the founders said those principles were those of the Holy Bible.


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