Most of us were taught that the American Revolution began with “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” but it reality, it began long before that first battle.  The American Revolution germinated in Leviticus.  From there, it was nurtured by men such as the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato; the Roman statesman, Cicero; the early Christian philosophers, Thomas Aquinas; the enlightenment philosophers, John Locke; the legal mind, Sir. William Blackstone; and the Colonial preacher, George Whitefield; until, finally, it matured under a generation of patriots and statesmen baring names such as Adams, Henry, Jefferson, Madison, Rush, and Washington.  This was the generation that finally embraced the universal principles of individual rights and liberty; openly declared them to the world and then, deliberately set them into motion.

This path — the path by which the principles of liberty matured — this is the true road to Concord, and it is for this path that this blog is named.

One thought on “THE NAME

  1. No doubt We the People (patriots) are on this road.
    No matter the outcome in November we’re headed for the showdown with an overreacting government and leftest politicians.

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