PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Deception is a Violation of Natural Law

This is a simple but profound Principle of Natural Law.  Willful deception for the purpose of manipulating the actions of another person is a clear and egregious violation of Natural law.  The reason it is a violation of Natural Law … Continue reading


LESSONS IN LOGIC: It’s Irrational To Assume Government Is Immune To Greed

The Left likes to attack ‘Capitalism,’ saying that ‘Capitalism’ is the source of greed and corruption in society.  But how can they believe such a thing?  Do they honestly believe that the people in government are less human than those … Continue reading


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Trump-Russia Allegations Illustrate Why People MUST be Allowed to Sue the Press

One of the principles of Natural law is that everyone must be accountable for their actions.  This includes the press.  If immunity from prosecution and/or civil suit is granted to the press, it removes any possibility of holding the individual’s … Continue reading


LAWLESSNESS: 9th Circuit Ruling on Trump Travel ban is an Open Display of Lawlessness

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I’ve been blogging for about seven years know, and the law has been one of my primary focal points.  However, since I am not a lawyer, and I do not hold any type of formal law degree, I am often … Continue reading


PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: ‘Borderless’ or ‘Open Society’ = Lawless Or Tyranny

There is a growing movement in America to have a, ‘open’ or ‘borderless’ society.  This is lawlessness.  If we take the time to actually look at the definitions for the words being used and apply a little basic logic, this … Continue reading


BASIC PRECEPTS: ‘Principle’ Is Just Another Word For ‘Moral Law’

Morality is a Natural Law.  As a Natural Law, it is fixed: it does not change.  As a Natural law, it is also universal: it applies equally, to all individuals, everywhere, at all times — past, present and future.  Now … Continue reading


PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING A RATIONAL LIFE: Unless There Is A ‘Turning Point,’ The Past Must Be Our Guide

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

— Patrick Henry

When we try to determine what will happen in the future, or evaluate what a given person tells you they plan to do in the future, we should always let the past govern our judgment.  This is because the past is not only our best, but our only guide to the future.  If something has always lead to a given result in the past, then we have absolutely no reason to expect it will end any differently in the future (socialism is the perfect example: no matter what the form, it always collapses within a generation).  The same applies to individuals: if their past shows a pattern of deception and/or broken promises, then we should just assume they will continue that pattern in the future.  Continue reading