TEACHABLE MOMENTS: What Can We Learn from the Way the Media Handled Rosanne’s Comment and the NFL ‘Protest’

If you haven’t heard, ABC has cancelled the Rosanne show over a comment Rosanne made about Valerie Jarrett:

BREAKING: ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ over actress’s ‘racist’ Tweet about former Obama official

This provides us with a teachable moment: a teachable moment that I couldn’t have ever dreamed we would be handed to us.  However, now that it has been, we are not going to let this moment pass us by.

There is so much here that I almost do not know where to begin.  So, let’s start with the most obvious.

When the media is criticized for the type of programming it produces, it likes to claim that it is just giving its audience what they want.  The whole idea is to give people the impression that they are just a business looking to make a profit.  Well, the Rosanne show has been one of the most viewed television shows in recent times.  This is all the more noteworthy given the fact that the major broadcasting networks have been loosing viewers and — thus — revenue for a while.  So, when ABC moved so quickly to terminate one of the brightest and most profitable programs it has, this demonstrated that they lie when they claim they are motivated by money.  If they were really interested in profits first, they would have waited to see if there was any backlash from Rosanne’s comment before doing anything.  But they didn’t do that.  Instead of waiting to see what the audience did, ABC cancelled the show.

At the same time, look at how the networks have handled the NFL ‘protest.’  Here the audience has pushed back — hard!  And it has cost the networks money in lost revenue connected to the decline in viewers.  This decline can be connected to the ‘protest.’  So, instead of putting pressure on the NFL, the networks have actually defended the NFL and its ‘protest.’  When held side-by-side, we cans see that there is a pattern here.  But let’s see how strong this pattern is.

Valerie Jarrett should never have been allowed to be in the government.  People will object and claim there is no proof — to include the major networks — but this woman is connected to organizations that have openly declared their desire to destroy the United States.  This alone would have kept most people from receiving the necessary security clearance to serve at such a high level.  But Jarrett has, herself, made comments that call into question her loyalty to this nation — at least, they do so with reasonable people who are not vested in a political Party or agenda.  This also applies to Obama, who openly provided military aid and political comfort to a known and sworn enemy of the United States.  That is high treason.  Much of what the Obama Administration did was or bordered on high treason.  But did the major networks do anything to expose any of this?  No, they did just the opposite.  They did everything they could to defend Obama and his operatives.  This is also part of the pattern.

The media has pushed a ‘gay rights’ agenda on the nation.  They have attacked the freedoms of speech, religion, the press and the right to keep and bare arms.  They have tried to destroy a duly elected President by pushing a baseless story about Russian collusion while protecting Hillary and the FBI, where there is hard evidence of wrong-doing.  In short, the major networks — through their news networks — have pushed an ANTI_American agenda while, at the same time, obfuscating and even lying to protect their allies in this cause.  Now, in their press release explaining why they cancelled the Rosanne show, they have actually admitted this.  Read:

In a statement, Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, wrote, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”

Rosanne’s comments were “inconsistent with our values.”  Now, she may have said it crudely, but Rosanne was attacking someone who has said she wants to destroy this nation as it was founded, and who is openly connected to organizations who have openly stated that this is their same goal.  The media, ABC included, has supported the NFL ‘protest,’ which is actually a ‘protest’ against the nation.  This is not an ‘opinion,’ it is what Kapernack said he was doing when he started this thing: protesting America!  The media — ABC included — attack our Constitution and the Bill of Rights while protecting people who have said they want to “fundamentally change” the nation.  Folks, a “fundamental change” is a revolution, and that is exactly what Obama meant when he said it — he just wanted to make it happen without shooting (if he could).  Now we see that the FBI and DOJ are actually in open defiance of the rule of law in their attempts to protect Obama and Hillary while carrying out Obama’s agenda and undermine the U.S. Government — and the media, to include ABC — is protecting all of these people.  So, what are ABC’s values?  Apparently, whatever they may say they are, we can now know this much:


Still need more?  Ask yourself why, if ABC has ‘values,’ did Rosanne ever get put back on the air when, in 2012, she said this:

“Rich people who don’t give up their money should be beheaded.”

Apparently that sentiment is OK with ABC, but attacking a Muslim subversive isn’t.  Because, honestly, if cancelling the Rosanne show is about values, then why hasn’t “The View” been cancelled?  The women on that show actually are and have made racist statements, as well as practiced “hate speech.”  Yet, that show is still on the air.  Conclusion: ABC’s “values” are ANTI-American!

But we know even more than this.  Rosanne apologized!  If someone the media likes is caught breaking the law, or saying something ‘offensive,’ and they ‘apologize,’ the media has always accepted that.  Hillary broke many laws and, after she ‘apologized,’ the media let it all drop and moved on.  Bill Clinton committed perjury (among other crimes) while President and, after he ‘apologized,’ the media let it drop.  Anyone who follows politics knows that this is not made up: the media always lets people on the American Left off the hook once they ‘apologize.’  So why not Rosanne?  Well, maybe it is exactly as ABC said and I have argued: Rosanne is not ANTI_America enough for their ‘values.’

But then there is this little problem: Jarrett is a Muslim, and she is part of the Jihad aimed at destroying America.  Obama worked closely with the Muslim Brotherhood while President.  They were one of — if not the most frequent visitor to the White House.  The Right media tried to make this known, but the ‘main stream’ media — to include ABC — paid no attention or dismissed it as ‘conspiracy theory.’  The media didn’t even show any interest when Obama put these subversives into high level positions within the U.S. intelligence, Homeland Defense and State Departments.  Nor has the media bothered to look into the connections between Islamic subversion and the Democrat Party.  Everything is there, in the public record.  It has been since 2008, but no one seems to care — until someone on ‘their side’ attacks their Muslim buddies.  Then they throw one of the most Progressive mouthpieces their movement has into the trash bin and without even waiting to see if anyone even cared about what Rosanne had said.  Oh, and let’s not forget that Kapernick has (or had at the time) a Muslim girlfriend.  If you think she is not a factor in this equation, you might want to take a closer look at her: both her looks, as well as her beliefs.  Then remember that women have been influencing men to do things since the beginning of time (here, eat this apple).  And, if this still is not enough for you to see the truth about the Media and the American Left, then read this and see just how strong my case actually is:


If you read it, you’ll see that everything I just said is actually true — and has been documented.  You will also see that George Soros is equally connected to this attempt to destroy America.  That Soros is most likely the one who put Obama ahead of Hillary in 2008.  That the Left is financially tied to Islam.  And that the proof is all in the public record — some of it even published by the ‘main stream’ media, itself.  And then you might realize that the information in this book is now 10 years old, and that the attack on this nation has moved much, much further along and at a much, much faster pace than even Horowitz feared.  And the quick action and PR statement by ABC lays bare the whole thing — if you know what you are looking for…


NOTE: Another thing to consider is that ABC hired Rosanne to re-start her show knowing full well that she was prone to making these sort of comments.  Additionally, ABC recently re-hired Keith Olbermann in spite of his history of making vile and vulgar tweets.  Apparently, ABC (as with the whole of the ‘main stream’ media) has no problem with any of its employees making vile, vulgar or offensive comments about anyone except the leaders of their political agenda.  This alone makes their cancellation of the show highly suspect.  In fact, it strongly infers that my argument in this post is right on target: that ABC and the ‘main stream’ media are ANTI-American (which then begs the question: why does this nation allow such subversive organizations to continue to exist???)

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