As Right-Wing ‘Patriots’ Passively Board The Train To Auschwitz…

I like to think of myself as being just a bit smarter than the average person, but I’m starting to think that I have been arrogant and filled with Hubris. Why? Because, for the life of me, I honestly cannot understand the things I am seeing coming from the American Right. Now, I understand the Republican Party. I’m not talking about them. I am talking about the Right-wing commentators who I’ve trusted to teach and explain our history and system of government to me, and to support and lift me up when things have looked bleak for decades. These people should know better, and I know they know better, so this is not ignorance. It isn’t even willful ignorance. The only thing I can think of is that these people have all had frontal lobotomies. I say this because I cannot explain the absolute stupidity I see coming from them. What stupidity? Well, I’ll tell you: this growing trend on the Right toward the notion that Biden is going to successfully steal this election and that we are going to have to fight to defeat him over the next four years. The idea that this is even possible is stupidity on a level I honestly cannot comprehend. It is literally the same thing as passively boarding the train to Auschwitz, hoping that it will be OK in the end.

So far, I have heard every Right-wing pundit to whom I listen speak as though it is now a foregone conclusion that Biden will successfully steal the 2020 election. Now they are all starting to discuss how ‘we’ can defeat Biden and the Left and win the election in 2024. I’ve heard them calling for ‘us’ to demand that the election be fixed and secured so we can trust it in the future. That ‘we’ have to keep the two Senate seats in Georgia. That ‘we’ have to start working to obstruct Biden’s agenda by appointing special prosecutors. In short: I am hearing the same old drivel I have heard from them for years and, frankly, it now sounds like stupidity to me. And I say stupidity because, if it isn’t stupidity, then it has to be something much worse — like cowardice! And, if it isn’t cowardice… Well, then the effort to make sense out of this stupidity can drag us into that dark place where conspiracy theories — real conspiracy theories — are born. Since I don’t want to go to that dark place, and I don’t want to think of all these self-proclaimed ‘Patriots’ as cowards, I’m left with the realization that they have all gone stupid — had frontal lobotomies.

Folks, Biden committed voter fraud. But it wasn’t Biden. He is too far gone in the mind to have done this, but he did tell us that ‘They’ had built the largest voter fraud system in history. Well, I believe that; I believe it because dementia doesn’t lie. So, who is ‘They?’ Well, given that Obama once boasted that he would be happy to run a third term by microphone, using figureheads as the President; and, given that both Biden and Harris are Obama lackeys; and, given that Obama set up the Deep State and turned it against Trump before he left office; and, given that Obama never left the D.C. area; I would be happy to assume that Obama is — at least in part — at the top of whatever cabal is running the attack on this nation. The problem is, all of my Right-wing pundits know this, as well. I know they know it because they are largely responsible for telling me all the details behind the list of facts I just detailed. So, unless they have developed amnesia or had that lobotomy, then they have to be stupid on a level never known to human history. How else could they miss the conclusion that they never really defeated Obama/Hillary: he has been in charge of the Deep State and the fight against Trump since 2016? And, if we didn’t defeat Obama/Hillary, then how are we going to defeat Obama/Biden/Harris? See? Stu-pid!

The next thing these Right-wing pundits seem to have ‘forgotten’ is that Obama actually did create a Deep State. We are seeing it at work right now. Look at all the open refusals to uphold the laws across the nation. How can so many Governors, State Attorney Generals, State Courts, State Election Officials and their corresponding counterparts in the Federal Government constantly refuse to enforce the laws or hear the legal cases that have been brought because of illegal actions unless they are part of a wide-spread system within our system? In other words: unless there really is a Deep State, how could all these laws be broken without any consequence? And, if we demonstrate that this Deep State can break our laws without consequence, by what manner of logic does anyone argue that we can or will ever defeat this Deep State — especially by voting? If we let them cheat and win in this last election, it is a guarantee that ‘we’ will never win another election again — ever! Once tyrants have power, they do not give it up, and they never, ever lose an election unless defeated by a more powerful tyrant. So, those on the Right who are talking as though we can survive Biden… Well, again, either they have gone stone-cold stupid, or they are cowards, or worse.

Then there is the agenda being announced by the Left, and the people being put in place to enforce it. The first thing the Left has said it will do is punish the Right. They have said they will simply make it so we either join them as serfs, or they will make it so we cannot ear a living. Then, they will simply let us starve. Either that, or they will jail us. They have already said they will put President Trump and his family in jail, and that they won;t care if he pardons himself and his family or not. Yes, the Left has said they plan to do this and, given their history over the last four years, I believe every word of it. So, if these Right-wing pundits manage to stay out of jail, they probably won’t be allowed to keep their businesses. They will be lucky to survive.

The Left has also said they will silence any and all opposing voices. They will do this in the name of silencing ‘fake’ news, hatred and racism. So, how will the Right reach others to convince them that the Left is wrong? They won’t be allowed to broadcast or print and, if they do, they will probably be jailed for doing so.

The Left has also said they plan to do away with Capitalism and private property. We are going to live as serfs, whether we like it or not. Well, well people are struggling just to survive, they are not going to be very receptive to what would — by then — amount to revolutionary talk about ‘voting to defeat’ whoever is the current tyrant.

Finally, the Left has promised they will disarm us. This means we will not be able to shoot our way out of this tyranny, even if we suddenly decide we want to finally do so.

And yet, somehow, for some reason, all the people I have listened to for years; the same people who have actually told me that we could never allow someone like Biden to take over because we’d never be free again — somehow, these same people are now talking like we can’t stop it from happening, and that it will somehow be OK. So, I find myself back where I began: the Right has suddenly gone so stupid that they are passively boarding the train to Auschwitz.

It’s either that, or:

Hey, it’s 202, so… And the government has admitted that UFO’s exist 😉

[Sorry, had to vent. Still, the point is still relevant: why would anyone think we’ll be able to vote our way out of this if we just surrender to what we know to be a fraudulent election? I mean, if you can get away with stealing the cookies, you will end up looking like me — I guarantee it. That’s why Mama slapped my hands when I was a kid (but, apparently, she didn’t slap me hard or often enough…) ]

3 thoughts on “As Right-Wing ‘Patriots’ Passively Board The Train To Auschwitz…

  1. For many, truth and reality can be challenging to accept… normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance become part of the problem… what is / has taken place is a hard pill to swallow…the consequences that will occur are something many just don’t want to consider… you are correct… there will NOT be a “ fixing later “ … may The Lord remove the scales and blinders and grant discernment for understanding to take place

  2. Sounds like we’re expected to fix this mess with more than votes. I’m not sure how, and frankly I’d rather not go there unless it’s God’s will.

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