Keep This In Mind When ‘They’ Mention The Courts Rejecting Vote Fraud Cases

Folks, we keep being told there is no evidence of voter fraud, and this is why the courts keep refusing to hear the many challenges. THIS IS A LIE! What’s more, any of us who have had civics 101 should realize it. Here’s why:

How does our legal system work (or, how is it supposed to work)? If you will recall your civics class, the court is how we determine the facts. So, why are ‘They’ telling us the facts have to be presented before the courts will hear the case? If the facts are already accepted as facts, then why do we even need to bring the case to the court? We wouldn’t. This means that those telling us the courts are rejecting cases because the allegations haven’t been proven are lying!

The way things are supposed to work goes like this:

A person brings an accusation to the court.

The court looks to see if there is reasonable cause to support that accusation.

If there is reasonable cause, the court hears the case and determines what the facts are.

Then the court issues its ruling based on the facts that were determined in the hearing.

Has any of this happened in any of these voter fraud cases the courts have rejected? NO!

Is there reasonable evidence to support the claims of voter fraud? YES! Mountains of it!

So, why are the courts making excuses to reject these cases? Be honest with yourself when you answer that because none of the reasonable answers to that question are good.

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