It’s Not Vote Fraud OR Election Fraud — IT’S BOTH!

We have more than just a problem with vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. We also have election fraud, and making sure we understand the difference is essential.

Vote fraud is when a single person or voter commits a fraud in an election. This would include all those who voted more than once in any form; who fills in; or who changes or otherwise illegally influences the vote of another person. This can happen by abusing the mail-in balloting system; ballot harvesting; changing ballots while in the mail or at some other point; filling out or telling those who might be easily influenced or confused how to fill out their ballots; or any number of other, similar ways that an individual, or even a small group of individuals working in concert might vote illegally.

However, when vote fraud is coordinated on a large scale, especially across State lines; or — more importantly — when the system is intentionally corrupted so as to facilitate massive voter fraud, then we cross the line from vote fraud into election fraud. This happens when poll workers who count the votes knowingly switch, alter, delete or pad the votes they are counting. It also happens when the laws governing the election are violated by either ignoring them, going around them or illegally adding to them. Election fraud also happens when the officials who have sworn to enforce these laws refuse to properly uphold them in order to protect a fraudulent election.

One of these — vote fraud — is an individual crime; the other is an act of insurrection that borders on, if not actually crosses the line into treason. In this recent 2020 election, we have mountains of direct, testimonial and circumstantial evidence, and they all point to wide-spread vote fraud and systemic election fraud. Loyal citizens of the Constitution are duty-bound to refuse recognition of the results of this election until this mess is fully and transparently resolved. This not only includes accounting for every legal and rejecting every illegal vote, but also the full prosecution of every single person that was involved, and the dissolution of every business that participated in what is an insurrection, at best.

If the vote cannot be resolved, then we need to hold new elections, and not just in those six contested States, but in the whole nation — and it needs to be done with proper ID, paper ballots and hand counts. And, no matter what happens with the election, those who caused this must be held accountable. We cannot allow this to be ignored once more. Anything less than a full accounting and purging of this corruption from our society and we are duty-bound to resort to the Jefferson option.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Vote Fraud OR Election Fraud — IT’S BOTH!

  1. The legacy/mainstream media/big tech are also GUILTY of election fraud. Post election polls show their censorship of the NY POST Hunter Bidet story would in and of itself have been enough to flip the election. What I observed revcom antifa do in Tulsa suppressing rally turnout was in my opinion intimidation and voter suppression as well. This was comprehensive fraud across the board, ‘by any means necessary’ as they say. So I’m just standing back and standing by, ready to water thirsty trees when the time is right. Perhaps in early Jan. we will cross the Rubicon and TCB.

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