Virginia Gun Grabbers and Subversion

In the event that you have not been paying attention, the Democrat Party has seized control of the Virginia State govt. and now seeks to ban most all private weapons.  As is the norm where the political Left is concerned, this is not what it appears to be on the surface.  The Democrat Party did not campaign honestly, nor did they win their control over the Virginian government honestly.  There was a lot of deception and meddling by outside interest involved in their ‘victory.’  These articles should be of great interest to anyone truly interested in understanding the magnitude of what the People of Virginia are facing.  People dismiss these stories at their own peril — as well as that of the entire nation:

The Un-Elected Californian Who Engineered Virginia’s Permanent Democrat Majority

Bloomberg Bought Virginia Legislators to Introduce Confiscatory Gun Ban

Virginia Weighs Deploying National Guard to Enforce New Anti-Gun Laws. Things Could Get Ugly.

Now, let’s look at some simple truths that are being grossly distorted in the medias’ handling of this issue:


1– The 2nd Amendment is not intended to protect our ability to hunt, go sport shooting,  or even to defend our person.  It was intended to provide for the People’s ability to defend itself from a government exactly like the ones we now have in Democrat Party controlled States such as Virginia — where the government is threatening to use military force to violate the Constitution.

2 — Since the 2nd Amendment is not about personal use, ALL — and I mean ALL — State and Federal gun control laws are unconstitutional.  If we are to have any ordinance limiting the possession of weaponry in this nation, the only way it can possibly be Constitutional is if it is local to the community in question.  You and I can agree to leave our weapons at home when we go into our local township, but no State and certainly not the Federal government can mandate it by law.  And, even then, our local community has absolutely no control over whether or not we own a weapon, or what type of weaponry we own.

3 — The 2nd Amendment protects a Natural — and thus — God-given Right.  Under the founding philosophy of this nation, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence (not the Constitution), this is a right that cannot be willingly surrendered nor justly taken.  Therefore, even if the nation were to repeal the 2nd Amendment through the properly defined Constitutional process, it would still be an unlawful act on par with saying the nation can agree to rescind the general right to life of any and all citizens.

4 — Therefore, any and all attempts to outlaw and/or confiscate the weaponry necessary to insure the People retain the ability to resist a tyrannical government’s army is unlawful!  We cannot even use the Constitutional process of amendments to eliminate the 2nd Amendment as that would constitute a violation of the higher principles which govern over the Constitution, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.


What this means is that the people who are working to use our system of government as cover for disarming the People are acting lawlessly.  They are seeking to destroy the very principles upon which our entire society is based, and they are trying to do it from inside of, and using the very systems that were set up to protect and preserve those ideals.  There is a word for this sort of lawlessness:

Definition of subversion

1 : the act of subverting : the state of being subverted especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

2 obsolete : a cause of overthrow or destruction

[Note: click on the links to ‘subverting’ and ‘subverted.’  Read them.  You will see why I place so much emphasis on knowing and sticking to the definitions or words.  Words are supposed to mean things that are previously and universally understood and, when you know what a word(s) are supposed to mean, you often see things a lot more clearly.  At the very least, it is much more difficult for people to lie to you.]

What this means is that anyone and everyone who actively participates in any attempt to prohibit or confiscate the People’s means to defend themselves from a tyrannical government is guilty of subversion!  And subversion is lawlessness!  PERIOD!

The reader is free to argue with me all they wish, but the reader will still be wrong!  This is not because I claim any special insight, knowledge or superior intellect — quite the opposite.  It is because I bow to the higher Truth which governs this universe; including those things such as logic and the plain meaning of words and language.  I do not fancy myself as God, but I know that those who seek to re-write The Creators eternal truths most certainly do.  They are tyrants, and — like Jefferson — I pledge eternal hostility to tyrants.

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