Some Truths Depend Upon Your Point Of View

When the Political Left in the United States claims that President Trump is destroying America, it is…

You see, for me, it is a given that the political Right in the United States is trying to preserve and defend the founding principles and ideals of America.  But the political Left is doing the same thing.  The problem is, the two sides have entirely different ideas of what those founding principles and ideals actually are because they have two completely different ideas of what America is.

The founding principles and ideals of America are those of equal protection of individual rights and liberty through the fair and impartial rule of law.  Under this ideal, rights and liberty are defined by the individual, himself or herself — not by the government or even by society.  Under this ideal, government exists solely to protect and preserve the individual’s rights and liberty so that they can peruse their own destiny.  This is the point of view from which the American Right sees the world, and that which it seeks to defend: that of a commonwealth of free individuals.

However, the founding ideal of the AmeriKan* Left is  a photo negative of that of the Right.  The Founding ideals of the political Left in this country are found most clearly in the works of Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson did not see nor care about the individual.  For Wilson, everything is defined collectively.  Because Wilson saw Society as a single living organism in which the individual was nothing more than a single cell — and of no more importance — Wilson only recognized liberty in terms of how free the whole society is.  Furthermore, Wilson claimed that the government is the brain of this Social body, and that, because it is the brain, government alone is capable of making the decisions for the whole of society.  Then Wilson went on to argued for a popularly elected head of that government.  In short, Wilson believed in an elected dictatorship where ideas such as rights and liberty were what the central leader said they were.  Thus, the AmeriKan Left sees everything from the perspective of a collective dictatorship.

Therefore, when the American Left claims that they are defending AmeriKa’s values any time someone — anyone — successfully pushes back against their illegal usurpation and centralization of power in this nation, they are correctfrom their point of view.

This is also why it is crucial that we always but always assume the Left is speaking from this point of view: so that we never allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking the Left agrees with the Right — because it does not!


BTW: While there may be such a thing as, ‘your truth and my truth,’  unless one or the other is based in and subordinate to objective reality, neither is or can be True.  And by this, I mean both sides can be true in our own fantasy world, but there can never be two equally valid versions of THE Truth because THE Truth exists outside of and totally independent of any and all human beings in this world.  If we all disappeared from the universe, the Truth would still remain…


* If you look, and I mean look hard, you will find that the term, ‘AmeriKa,’ has a distinct meaning.  It was used back in the 1960’s and early 70’s by a radical movement within our university system to represent an agenda which is essentially that of Woodrow Wilson’s: a Communist AmeriKa.  Some 12-15 years ago, you could still find this information on Wikipedia, but it has largely been expunged from the internet.  If you have access to a library with old archives — physical publications — dating back to the early 1980’s or before, you will find that I am correct.  Of this, I have no doubt.

[NOTE: in dealing with America, one must keep in mind that the two different nations I just described started with the division between James Town and Plymouth Rock — where Plymouth Rock represents the soul of our Declaration of Independence and James Town represents the soul of those who see only in material terms.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to here, the Canaanites will always be a thorn in the flesh of Israel, just as Esau will shake off his yoke whenever Jacob fails to perform its function in this world.  The men who wrote our Declaration and Constitution were well aware of what I mean here.  I know of one who even said so, just not in these exact words.  Franklin actually said this land is ‘New Israel,’ but one cannot see this Truth without also seeing the Truths I just stated…]

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