I have been warning whoever would listen that the Natural Laws that govern this universe cannot be circumvented or willed away, and they absolutely cannot be avoided.  You might postpone them — for a while — but, eventually, they will assert themselves.  Well, we are about to witness the Truth of what I tried to tell people.

File this one away under: “That Could Never Happen Here” (also known as, “I Told You So!”)

Federal Reserve unveils unlimited QE and aid for companies, states

When you put this latest, unlimited QE story with another story that happened, but you can’t seem to find anywhere on the Internet — you know, the story about the Federal Reserve eliminating the banking requirement to have a 10% reserve — then what you have is total freedom to print money at all levels of government and the private banking industry.  Now, what could possibly happen from all this?  Just THIS:

WEIMAR: The Truth About History’s Most Infamous Hyperinflation Horror Story

BTW: this pattern repeats itself every single time people do what we are currently doing with our monetary policy — EVERY…SINGLE…TIME!

OH!  There’s one more thing.  While it is true, we are currently witnessing the largest act of theft in all of human history; and while no one is paying attention because they are all distracted by the panic over COVID-19; the part that is truly frightening is the fact that this is exactly how you topple a nation and re-set a financial system.  If you can collapse a nation’s money and drive it into bankruptcy, whatever nation comes out the other side — while it may still occupy the same geographical area — it is not the same nation it was before the collapse.  They always re-write the government and re-set the monetary system.  And no one seems to be worrying about any of this…


Oh, well, I now return you to your previously scheduled panic!  Please make sure to watch where ‘They’ tell you to watch, and panic over what ‘They’ tell you to panic.



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