I am not inclined to trust the government, nor any social organ connected to it.  As our society is currently constructed, this means I do not trust anyone in government, the media — in any form, news, ‘social’ or entertainment — nor anyone in education.  Does this mean I think everyone working in these fields is part of some grand conspiracy?  No!  Does it mean I think these people are all bad?  No.  It just means that, while I do not know everything, I know far too much about history to trust anything that were told by these social institutions.  If you’d like to know why, keep reading. Continue reading



  1. What happened to the rest of the blog? The continue reading link brings up a page cannot be found response on the Road to Damascus blog heading & is there a reason why this entry is on The Road to Concord page you said you retired? If you are trying to confuse me it’s not a sport – much too easy.

    1. I had pulled that post, because I don’t think people care. But I put it back up for you (and whoever else might benefit from it). Go have a read and let me know if you think I should put my tinfoil hat back on 🙂

  2. Found it & liked it. Please don’t take off your tin foil hat because it is much needed. I say this in the interest of the fact the Lib/Progressives especially the hard liner Secular Humanist variety use the label “tin foil hat” to discredit & shut down true Conspiracy research. I’ve been name proofed as part of my undercover education. I ignore names & don’t bother to deny them because that’s one less rabbit they can get me to follow. If we start using the “tin foil hat” as a harmless moniker it will lose it’s power. In the same vein if we start using “racist” back at those who use it to intimidate it will lose its power too. For instance the Surgeon General’s announcement that they had documented disparity in COVID-19’s lethal attack on black populations as proof blacks were being kept down via housing opportunities & job opportunities that would allow them to work from home to avoid exposure was a racist statement. His use of his government podium to vow to make sure more money gets earmarked to stop the disparity was also racist because it implied the white majority is still ruling over the black minority. Just how many decades of Equal Opportunity Employment & subsidization does it take before white citizens stop being accused of hindering any minority? No one challenged his statements as racist, but they were & it’s time we took the power of that word back from its exclusivity.

  3. Thanks for this article! How’s the foundation building progressing? Miss your voice, even though I haven’t been following as regularly as usual. I took for granted you will always be there with your insights. A lot has happened with DECLAS since you have last posted. Hope you will find the inspiration and time to do more teaching.

    I noticed the comments were closed, so opted for this route to ask a question. Do you see the Progressives, both Dems and Reps as equally united in the New World Order molding of humanity? I do. I see it as the Globalist elites using both Communism and Fascism as needed to shape the world. Billionaires, like Soros, Rotheschilds, Rockerfellers, Gates etc; World banks, like, Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, etc.; organizations like UN, World Economic Forum, CFR, Media, Davos, Builderberg, WHO, WTO etc.: Thousands of NGO’s like USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Global Fund, GAVI, UNDP, etc; Ivy League Universities; companies like Monsanto, Big Pharm, R&D companies, etc; Hollywood, Education, Publishing Companies, Big Tech, Social Media, Government officials. They are all interconnected. 6 corporations own all the main stream media. These elites move among each others company, organization, and bank boards, socialize in the same circles. They operate like an elite cartel, using world wide rogue intelligence agencies to operate gunrunning, drug running, and sex trafficking, the money from which is laundered and used to control others  downstream through bribery, fear, perversion, and subversion. This cartel uses socialism, communism or facism, as a means to an end. If they have their way, it will be top down population controlled totalitarianism. And running behind the scenes and out of sight of all of this are the stories of Satanism or Luciferian rituals and worship.

    For 2 years following many people, watching events unfold, going down too many rabbit holes, this is what I see. Many others do too. I pray a lot that there are a few leaders who are on God’s side to unveil all to the public so they will see too. Shining light into the web of darkness is our only hope, and prayers. Hope all is well with you and your family. When you can, come back with all your insights.

    Michele Ralston

    1. Michele,

      What could I possibly add to this? You have laid out the players and the game plan. That said, I think I will use your comment here (and the times in which we live) as an ‘excuse’ to finally explain what I see happening, how it is happening and where I expect it all to go. Hang tight. This post will take a bit of time to write, but I’ll start today. It will be the next thing I publish — promise 😉

      1. Thank you! And I will bookmark your new site. Waiting for your perspective, which is always so clear, honest, and with more complete background knowledge than I have.

    2. BTW: I strongly urge you to follow me on my new blog. TRTC is up just to keep my old work on line. You can find me now at ontheroadtodamascus.com. This is where I write now. I moved because I am no longer separating my writing between secular and faith-based. The new blog page is me, unfiltered 🙂

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