Reason And The Political Left

I find that, while I understand how the people on the political Left in America think, I cannot find any common ground between us.  Perhaps this means I am broken, myself.  Honestly, I do not know.  People I admire and have always considered to be far wiser than I will ever be always speak about the common ground between us, so I assume it must be there.  I look for it — hard!  But, for the life of me, I cannot understand how there can possibly be common ground between a rational, thinking mind and an irrational, emotional creature.  Yes, as harsh as it may sound, I do not see the two as equivalent: one is closer to ‘human’ than the other.

If one stops and listens to the people on the political Left, they sound reasonable — on the surface.  But that is part of the problem: it is not real.  It is an act, a deception — camouflage, if you will. The moment you start to dig deeper, to question them or force them to defend their assertions, you realize there is nothing resembling logic or sound reasoning beneath that mask.  They are simply a ball of wants and desires moved along by emotional reactions to whatever stimuli may be affecting them at any given moment.  Well, may the Lord forgive me for saying this but, if a creature lives by impulse and instinct alone, then they may be a lot of things, but how ‘human’ are they — exactly?  Because, in every definition I have ever heard a Leftist give for ‘human,’ is always but always includes some connection to ‘reason,’ and reason is the key element that seems to be missing from the Leftist mind.

Now, I do not mean to suggest that the Leftist cannot think or strategize.  Obviously they can — but then, so can many animals.  Higher primates have shown they can even make and use tools, as well as master the basic elements of language and communication — but are they rational?  Do they understand the principles of logic?  Can they derive them from Natural Law?  Can they even recognize Natural Law?  I dare say that the answer to these questions is no: such things are beyond the grasp of animals.  At the same time, however, they seem to be beyond the grasp os the political Left, as well.

A great example would be the Left’s claim to ‘science.’  The Left is quite fond of attacking those who hold to a belief in the Creator, claiming that we are the ones who have renounced reason.  As evidence that they are the more rational, they usually invoke the name of ‘science.’  I find this very fascinating as,it is impossible for a Leftist to understand the foundations of science — real science. Real science is based in fact and logic: principles that are out side of the control of any human, and which do not answer to human will.  But the most cursory time debating a Leftist reveals that fact and logic do not register in the Leftist mind.  To the Leftist, fact is whatever they deem it to be at the moment and is subject to change to suit their needs/desires in the next.  Well, ‘science’ cannot exist in such a world as that, therefore, ‘science’ cannot exist in a Leftist mind.  Yet, some how, most Leftists are absolutely convinced that their world is based in ‘reason’ and ‘scientific fact.’

I apologize if I sound harsh or without compassion.  I do not mean to do so, but I cannot deny what is demonstrably true: the Leftist simply does not live in or register the objective reality around them.  Rather, they live in a world of their own making and demand that everyone else join them in their delusions.  Which brings us to another, more dangerous characteristic of the Leftist mind: the tendency to think that, if you do not agree with them, you are a threat that must be eliminated.  While they will preach love and tolerance, they demonstrate — by their own actions — that they have no grasp of the concepts behind those words.  Or, to put it another way, they use a lot of words whose meanings they do not understand (or mean).

I honestly cannot figure what to make of all this.  I know where reason, supported by the factual evidence of actual observation point, but I am extremely uncomfortable accepting that conclusion — mostly because I have a very different definition of ‘human’ than do Leftists.  But I know this: the Leftist is a very dangerous creature.  They are a danger to themselves; to those around them; to society; and to humanity as a whole.  In fact, should Man ever destroy himself, I have no doubt it will be due to some action driven by a Leftist. But there is one useful thing that can be taken from these observations:

They explain the hypocrisy of the Left and its blindness to its own double-standards.

5 thoughts on “Reason And The Political Left

  1. Joe, this is a great post that so many of us relate to. The difference between the Left and the Right is all about God and our search for salvation through His Truth. There are so many passages in the Bible about the way Satan seduces us to think of ourselves as omniscient, like God.

    This, today, is a wonderful treatise from Saint Alphonsus Liguori that mirrors what you’ve written here:

    The fundamental difference between the Left and Right is created by Communism. Their symbol of the pugnacious clenched fist that symbolizes the violence they promote to control humanity is a stark contrast to the nailed hand of Jesus Christ crucified as he pleads forgiveness for those who, like the Leftist Communists, knew not what they were doing,

    As someone once said — I think it was Andy Sclafly, “It is impossible to reason with somebody who has sold out.”


    Sally Fisher

  2. Thank you for writing this. You’ve given me much to ponder here.

    I especially appreciate information revealing the psychology of underlying actions, since this is critical to understanding our situation, and possible solutions to our present dilemmas. I’ve spent many, many hours over the last year or two digging into the psychology of the Left (and Right). I’ll admit, it is an ever unfolding mystery, but many dots are connecting, and becoming clearer by the day.

    As you pointed out, a big factor is emotional vs. rational. The Right being more cognitively ‘male’, rational, ‘left-brained’, logical, persuaded by logic/facts/Truth. And the Left, being more cognitively ‘female’, ‘right-brained’, persuaded by appeal-to-emotion, care.

    The operating modalities are completely different. Each side uses ‘their way’, expecting it will influence the other. But to little effect, because those on the other side process the world in radically different ways. Can logic effectively persuade someone who makes decisions on emotions and a gut feel? Can emotional appeals sway someone rational who wants logical consistency and facts? Both are possible, but highly improbable given the nature of each.

    It’s a lot like the battle of the sexes, only on a massive national scale. I’m pretty sure this is not accidental. This polarity seems to exist on many levels. Our brains have two halves – which work in very different ways (logic vs. emotion). Males/females (not all, but many) on an individual level also have a polarity to their inter-personal dynamic, with traditional females generally more emotional (love, care, social, relationships), and males generally more logical/rational. Then take it from individuals up to group dynamics on a national scale, and the parties tend to manifest a group polarity as well.

    Right now what I see happening in our country is a massively widening gap between the polarities, and it’s unclear if there is a way to cohabitate.

    Think of all those being set up to oppose each other. City vs. Rural. Locals vs. Immigrants. Race vs. race. Men vs. Women. Liberals vs. Conservatives. Straight vs. Gay. Rich vs. Poor. Religion vs. religion.

    For many years, an American strength was our core value of ‘live-and-let-live’, of TOLERANCE. In other words, do what you want, and if it’s different from me, well, that’s OK. I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone.

    Somehow in recent years, this has changed to an attitude of “do it like me…or else.” INTOLERANCE and IMPOSITION.

    It starts with intolerance in the mind of a Leftist, but the imposition is what will finish it. That is a violation of Natural Law, one which will not be long tolerated.

    It’s a bit like watching a dysfunctional couple, with escalating levels of abuse.

    How do you live in a relationship with an overly emotional partner who’s becoming increasingly unstable and crazy? Delicately. Who then imposes crazy on you? You don’t. Crazy all alone and kept to itself, although sad and a bit tragic, is tolerable. But when crazy tries to impose crazy on others?

    There is a line.

    Crazy can calm down and stop acting crazy.
    Or crazy can back down, and stop imposing crazy.
    Or crazy can leave.
    Or crazy will be stopped.

    The “intolerant Left” acting “by any means necessary”, has eliminated the first two options.

    Without a rapid shift by the Left from crazy to sanity, or at least a return to live-and-let-live tolerance, I fear we are fast approaching a critical moment of choice where the Left will be handed one of the last two options.

    1. I’ll leave you with a thought that many will think is random and not connected to this discussion, but it is not only connected, it is the key to understanding the divide we’re discussing.

      In the Bible, we find a Hebrew word most often translated as, ‘heart.’ “We must believe in our ‘heart.'” In our society, we tend to think of ‘heart’ in connection with ’emotion,’ or ‘desire.’ As you put it, we think of ‘heart’ in a right-brained, emotional way. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT SCRIPTURE ACTUALLY SAYS!!! In the original Hebrew, the Scriptures use the word for entrails, which was where the ancients thought the seat of the mind was located. Thus, we translate the Hebrew as ‘heart’ when it should be understood as ‘MIND,’ or ‘WILL.’ In short, the Scriptures actually teach us to believe our minds and to use reason to control our emotions: to discipline ourselves so that we are not animals of feeling, but of conscious and purposeful decision. Do you see why I mentioned this? 😉

  3. Thank you. That’s profound. Ties it all together nicely. Makes perfect sense, and also clarifies the goal precisely.

  4. Joe,
    As a rational person, I have no problem understanding and accepting
    your original post. I am convinced that Leftists and Democrats are one and the
    same. I don’t think you have to apologize for defining Truth that is so obvious?

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