Virginia Gun Grabbers and Subversion

In the event that you have not been paying attention, the Democrat Party has seized control of the Virginia State govt. and now seeks to ban most all private weapons.  As is the norm where the political Left is concerned, this is not what it appears to be on the surface.  The Democrat Party did … Continue reading Virginia Gun Grabbers and Subversion

Collectivism Dehumanizes The Individual

The Collectivist (i.e. Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Fascists, Modern Liberals, etc.) places Society before the individual.  In fact, they have nothing but disdain for individualism.  I know this because they have all said so.  Here is just a short collection of those assertions: In rough chronological order: “It is the system of nationalist individualism that has … Continue reading Collectivism Dehumanizes The Individual

‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Neither Conspiracies, Nor Theories

Last Friday, I was a guest on The Morning Drive With Steve Nichols, a regional talk radio show originating from Valdosta, Georgia.  During the course of that show, I shared the history of some of what has been said and published by people who have openly expressed their desire to eliminate the United States and … Continue reading ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Are Neither Conspiracies, Nor Theories


This post will be regularly updated until it is no longer relevant.  The sole purpose of this post is to post links to stories that the 'main stream' media has been ignoring, and to compile them all in one place.  I have made every effort to confirm that there is actual evidence behind the information … Continue reading SPECIAL: ‘ALTERNATE’ (i.e. TRUE) REPORTS ON UKRAINE CORRUPTION