A Cold Civil War

Make no mistake about this: we are in a cold Civil War. Only, the sides are not what most of us believe they are. It is not Right vs Left, or ‘Liberal’ vs ‘Conservative.’ It is The Kingdom of YHWH vs the kingdom of Satan! You had best choose on which side you’re going to stand before this war goes hot — because it will and, when it does, it may be too late to switch sides.

NOTE TO THE ATHEISTS AND SCOFFERS: Please, do not bother sharing the quotes you use to ‘prove’ me wrong. I’ve seen them all and, in every case so far, what I have found is that you have taken them out of context. I admit, I expect this from you. After all, your objections to Scripture are based in the same refusal to understand. Why should I expect people who think they are their own god to acknowledge and embrace The One True God, or His Word, let alone the role YHWH and His Word played in our Founding?

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