What It Looks Like To ‘Fight Back’ — Scripturally!

My reaction to Disney launching its ‘gay’ agenda against America was to cancel THEM! I will NOT be changing my mind. Won’t you join me in sending them a message?

After all: If we do not start fighting back, they will know that — no matter what we say — our actions prove we really DON’T care and will keep-on keeping-on. So, hit them where it hurts the most: their pocket.

BELIEVERS: THIS is what it means to be in the world, but not of it. To willingly contribute YHWH’s assets to Satan’s soldiers is not only to be unequally yoked, it is to take sides. This is not to say you have to do this with everything. In our world, that would mean starvation and YHWH commands us to preserve life. But we are still free enough that we can make choices, and, if we are going to claim to be allied with YHWH and His Son, those choices should show the world and Satan that we are willing to suffer for our El and His Messiah.

3 thoughts on “What It Looks Like To ‘Fight Back’ — Scripturally!

  1. Disney owns so much more than just 67% of Hulu. That’s not to say the 33% owned by another company is innocent. I just hope you’re as passionate about all other services owned or part owned by Disney as you are Hulu. ESPN(the majority), ABC, FX, Nat Geo, A&E, The History Channel & Lifetime (partial), Hollywood Records, of course Disney+. Just something to consider for everyone to be aware to drop it all! Disney has their noses everywhere like trying to boycott Coca-Cola or P&G products and realizing they’re linked in ownership to most things. In this case, all or nothing is a thing and if you ban one, don’t be deceived elsewhere. People who drop Disney+ but keep ESPN are doing NOTHING.

    1. You see, it’s thinking like that that gets people into situations like we’re in now. It’s like saying, “We can’t condemn the NAZI’s because of the minority of ‘innocent’ people in the Party.” I’m sorry: YOU might be able to live with that way of thinking, but I can’t — not any longer. And, no, I do NOT have ESPN. I even stopped watching professional sports — all of them, even my beloved hockey. If they are going to wage a war against the nation/society that created and nurtures them, I will have nothing to do with them. In fact, I am looking for any and every way I can sever myself from this agenda and to get the things I NEED (not want) from the growing alternative economy. I’m going to make sure I walk the walk I’m preaching.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I cancelled my hulu subscription after reading this, amd have decided to cut all ties with Disney. I’m not the sole decision maker over cable and such, but lately I’ve been studying/reading more instead of seeking entertainment (no more mobile games lol)

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