How Will You Stand In The Breach When You Won’t Even Stand In The Rain?

In my last post, I wrote about my skepticism as to whether or not there are enough Americans left who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the best interests of the nation. In this post, I’m going to use the case of Social Media to explain why I feel so confident in my skepticism.

OK, since you are reading this blog, I am going to just assume that there is — at some level — at least a thread of ‘Conservatism’ running through you, somewhere. If I have assumed correctly, then I am also going to assume that — at some level — you are at least vaguely aware of the issue of Social Media censoring ‘Conservative’ voices. Now, I have many self-described, ‘Conservative’ ‘Patriots’ on my Facebook friends list, and they nearly all complain about this censorship. So, why are they still on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

I have largely left Facebook for MeWe. I have left Twitter for Parler. And I will be leaving my YouTube channel to go to Rumble. I still have a Facebook account, but I don’t go to it nearly as often as I used to go there. In fact, since moving to MeWe, I have had several days where I haven’t signed in to Facebook at all — and I didn’t miss it. And you know what else? I have noticed that I am starting to feel better, as though the evil that permeates that company is no longer clinging to me through the Ethernet. As a final bonus, I have found MeWe to be much easier to use, commercial free and secure: it does not track me or sell my personal information to other evil agents. So, why are the majority of my ‘Conservative’ ‘Patriot’ friends still on Facebook.

I’ve actually asked some of my closer friends why they are still on Facebook. I pointed out that real Patriots have put their money up to start other Social media sites that allow free speech and protect privacy — just like they have claimed they wanted someone to do (no, not them, mind you, but someone else). So, now that others have done what they wouldn’t even attempt to do themselves, why are they still on the Social Media sites they claim to hate? You know what they told me? The answer was always the same: I have too many friends and family members on Facebook who refuse to leave, so I ‘have’ to stay on Facebook.

That! That, right there, is why I am skeptical about there being enough ‘Patriots’ left to save America. They will tell you they are ready to stand in the breach for this nation, but they won’t even leave a web site they know is working to destroy this nation because they find it too inconvenient — like refusing to stand in the rain because they will get a little wet. I mean, heaven forbid you have to do something as difficult as convince those family members to move with you. Yeah, it’d be much easier to take up arms against the government than do something like that.

Dear reader, if you are unwilling to deal with the inconvenience of having to stand in the rain, there is no way in hell you are going to bleed for something as far removed from your true self as Liberty! The truth of the matter is simple: either we are principled people or we’re not; and unprincipled people are wholly unsuited to saving this great nation from the peril it now faces. Heck! Unprincipled people are why we now face total ruin. So, the question now is to grab your mirror, stare that person in the eyes and demand of them to know:

Will you even stand in the rain for what you claim to believe, let alone stand in the breach, or will you stay inside because it’s just too much of an inconvenience to get a little wet?

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