I Never Thought Myself A ‘Hater’ — UNTIL BIDEN!

I have never considered myself to be what the Left calls a ‘hater’ — until now. No, it’s not Biden, per say, but the whole of the American Left — down to the lowliest Democrat voter! Here’s why.

The Left has never listened to the Right when the Right tried to warn them about the result of the ‘liberal’ policies for which they and their ‘representatives’ advocated. And, nearly every time, the history has proven the Right, right. At the very least, this means that the Left cannot see reality for what it is. At worse, it means the Left knows it is lying, it just doesn’t care: it will do anything to rule the world. Well, until now, I had held-out the possibility that the Left was just ignorant — but no more! With this last election, I now know — know — the Left is evil. And by that, I mean everyone on the Left — everyone — down to the least of their supporters.

Before I share what finally pushed me over the edge, let me list a few things that support my assertion that the Right has been correct in its warnings:

The Media

Climate Change: This has been around for nearly a century now, and the predictions have never — not once — proven correct. It started with warming, then it changed to cooling, then back to warming and, now, they just call it ‘climate change.’ But the fact — fact — remains that the doom-Sayers have never — not once — been proven correct and this is the absolute, demonstrable truth!

Oil: The Left has always insisted that oil is a finite resource and that the U.S. could never be energy-independent. Well, we now know that oil seems to replenish itself and President Trump has helped the oil industry prove that the U.S. has always been capable of becoming energy independent — just the way the Right said it could be.

Minimum Wage: The right warned that it would destroy jobs and businesses — and it has! We used to have people who would check your oil, air up your tires and pump your gas. We had people who would deliver your groceries; people who would operate the elevator for you, and the list goes on, but those jobs were all lost with the first minimum wage — just as the Right said they would be. Now, we have a nation-wide, $15/hr minimum wage being forced on the nation and one need look no farther than the North-West to see that it has destroyed jobs, especially in the food service industry — just the way the Right said it would!

Obamacare: Obama lied when he said he was going to save people money and let them keep their doctors. History has absolutely proven this to be a demonstrable fact — just the way the Right said it would!

Mask Mandates and Lock-Downs: We now have a flood of studies that all prove — prove, as in establish as a matter of fact — that the masks and lock-downs do not stop the virus. In fact, many of the studies have proven the masks cause additional health problems and deaths that could otherwise have been avoided. And the lock-downs are destroying jobs. All of this is — just the way the Right said it would be!

Folks, everything — every last word — of what I just said is absolutely, ‘scientifically’ provable fact! It is not opinion, and any claim to the contrary is asserted in direct contradiction to objective reality. In common language, anyone who disagrees with me on these points is either woefully ignorant or delusional! Now, let’s look at what has finally put me over the edge where the evil on the Left is concerned.

The following is a partial list of the stories that have pushed me over the edge accompanied by a short comment. I will not bother to explain my comment or offer support. I’m tired of wasting time doing that. The Right doesn’t need explanation because it knows I am correct, and the Left never accepts reality, so why bother offering them proof? As I said, it is a waste of time. So, here is the most important part of why I have lost any and all patience with the Left:

Biden deputy chief of staff touted ‘mandatory buybacks’ of assault weapons

OK, aside from the fact that this is unconstitutional, this is what every tyrant in history has done before they become openly evil: they always disarm the People! This is so the People cannot resist the evil that follows. None of the excuses the Left gives for this tyranny are valid. They have all been proven to be lies — many times. This is just an open push to disarm the People so they can exercise their control without fear of effective opposition. Anyone who support that is my enemy — anyone — period!

Republican election officials threatened during Zoom call for refusing to certify Michigan results

Affidavits Alleging Voter Fraud Accuse Poll Workers of Wearing Black Lives Matter Clothing

There are literally dozens of these sort of stories. In Michigan, a Republican poll worker’s children were publicly exposed (i.e. ‘doxed’). Let me say this clear and strong: these are threats! This is terrorism! These people should be treated accordingly!

Then there is this. If you need more convincing, then watch it — all of it. Then tell me you think there is no threat to you and your family; this country; and to the liberty of all of Mankind in what is coming.

I have and can never have anything in common with people like this. They are my enemies — by their own declaration and actions, not mine. They are also enemies of the rights and liberties of Man. They are lawless agents of chaos. In short, they are evil: enemies of God. If they are allowed to prevail, the world will plunge into a darkness like nothing Man has ever seen — ever! Again, not my opinion, but the logical extension of what they say they intend to do. Well, I swore an oath to protect the country from them, and that oath is still in place and in force. Therefore, I now have a clearly defined enemy: an enemy whose words and actions identify them as:

“A Clear and Present Danger to the U.S. Constitution!”

2 thoughts on “I Never Thought Myself A ‘Hater’ — UNTIL BIDEN!

  1. I find nothing you have said that I can find fault with the exception of using the Left’s made up term “assault rifle”. An AR-15 or any similar semi-automatic firearm can be used in a number of ways. The reason many of us chose to own one is not to “assault” anyone but to defend ourselves, our families and our Country. And yes, it is their ever recurring dream to take our firearms and leave us defenseless.
    As far as a “buy back” goes, I did not purchase any of my firearms from the Government and I certainly will not allow them to “buy” them back from me using my own hard earned tax dollars. And given our Government’s record of misdeeds and screw ups I would not trust many of them outside of the military with a firearm.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. You are a ground force in a World seemingly gone mad.

    1. I am with you. But I would offer that the Left has already succeeded in that they have convinced most Americans that the 2nd Amendment was intended to provide protection for sporting and personal self-defense. THAT IS A LIE! It is a lie on the same level with, “Socialism works, it just hasn’t been tried by the right people.”

      The 2nd Amendment actually protects tanks, fighter and bomber planes, machine guns, bazookas — “all the terrible weapons of war of the common soldier.” That is what the co-author of the 2nd A said it protected, and he knew better than any of us today — BECAUSE HE WROTE THE BLOODY THING! (sorry, not yelling at you 🙂 ). The 2nd Amendment was written specifically so that we would be well enough armed to resist the likes of Biden and the American Left!

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