The Attack On America Portrayed In An NCIS Clip

I would like to invite you to watch a short video clip from the TV series, NCIS. Only, I want to use this clip as an illustration of what is happening in the United States at this moment in time. So, come on, hit the ‘read more’ button and give me a few minutes of your time 🙂

OK, first, for the benefit of those who have never watched NCIS, or who may have missed this episode, ‘Hiatus 2.’ Mark Harmon (the grey hair in the scrubs) plays the character of Gibbs. The gentleman on the big screen is a government bureaucrat. Pinpin Pua is a terrorist who tried to kill Gibbs in the previous episode but, before Pinpin tried to kill him, he explained his plan to Gibbs out of arrogance. So, the scene opens shortly after Gibbs recovers from temporary amnesia and is trying to stop Pinpin’s plan at the very last second.

Now, before we start the video, let me re-set it for you 🙂

I wish to change the characters to the following:

The character of Gibbs now represents President Trump, his legal team and all of us who have been trying to warn the world that there is a group of people trying to destroy the Western world, collectively. This is especially rue of the current, on-going plan to destroy the United States Constitution.

The government bureaucrat now represents all those seemingly ‘good’ people left in government and media and the rest of society who think they are too ‘serious’ to accept or act upon the warning Gibbs is trying to sound. The bureaucrat represents all of those people who think that Gibbs is wrong and, while Pinpin is a threat, they can handle it in the same way they have always dealt with threats and that everything is going to be OK.

Pinpin Pua now represents the whole group of people trying to destroy the United States. Think of Pinpin as the Deep State, including the media and entire Democrat Party apparatus.

The supply ship now represents the United States Constitution.

Pinpin Pua’s ship now represents the on-going coup against President Trump and the plan to use voter fraud to take over power and change the entire government system without having to go through the proper process of writing, presenting and ratifying a new constitution.

OK, if that is confusing, just watch the video clip, then re-read these the last section where I re-define the characters for you and watch the video again.

OK, if you have followed me as I guided you through this, and you have paid close attention to politics the last several years — especially this most recent election — then I hope you understand why you cannot trust the media anymore. The media is Pinpin. So, when people make an accusation of wrong-doing, instead of investigating and reporting the facts and nothing more, the media tells the American People, “Nothing to see here.” In short, when people try to warn America that Pinpin is trying to destroy the country, the media says “No Pinpin here!”

From now on, if you see me use the phrase, “No Pinpin here,” you will (or should) understand that I am saying the guilty are denying their guilt.


If we allow a Party to take power even though we know they gained it by illegal means, then the result will be the same as in this video: the U.S. Constitution will be destroyed — and it will happen because people were too cowardly, or too set in their denial to act on what they clearly saw and understood but refused to accept. In short, if Biden is seated, there will be no, “We’ll get them in 2024.” Why? Because they will learn from their mistakes in this election and you will never be able to find the fraud in the next election — if there even is a next election.

[NOTE: A former law enforcement office friend of mine put this a simpler way, it’s just not as colorful or easy to say in a pithy little sentence. My friend says the cabal attacking this nation is a dirty local police department, and trusting the media — the public relations officer in that corrupt department — is like trusting the corrupt sheriff to investigate himself.]

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