Dementia Doesn’t Lie — And The Media’s Big Set-Up

I just want to get you to look at a few Biden ‘gaffs’ in a different light, then show you something the ‘media’ did before the election. Then I’ll show you how they could be connected and ask you to do your own math from that point forward. So, hit the ‘read more’ button and we’ll get started.

The first thing I want to do is open with this little statement:

Dementia does not lie!

What do I mean by that? Simple: when a person is unfortunate enough to develop dementia, they eventually reach a point where they forget to lie about things. This is what has happened to Joe Biden: he has reached that point where he tells the truth because he does not realize he is in a position where he should conceal it. So, how would this affect your understanding of the following two videos in relation to the allegations of voter fraud?

Now, I know that his supporters will say Biden doesn’t have dementia. And they will explain these two video clips away as being out of context. But that goes against the principles of Occam’s Razor — the simplest answer is usually the best. In this case, the simplest answer is:

I don’t need you to get elected because I have built the most extensive voter fraud scheme in American history. Instead, I’ll need your support afterward, to cement the theft of the election.

Now, hold on to that explanation while we switch gears a moment and have a look at something the ‘media’ did in the weeks leading up to the election. Just keep in mind: the allegations of voter fraud include media collusion in the theft of the election.

Do you remember the media demanding that President Trump agree to concede the election if Biden gained more votes? Do you know why they wanted him to agree to do so?

Do you remember the media telling the nation that, when they went to bed on election night, Trump would appear to be winning in a landslide; but, when they awoke the next day, Biden would be the winner? Do you know why they would say such a thing?

Do you remember the media saying that the Left will remove President Trump from the White House by force if it became necessary? Do you know why they said that?

OK, so, the simple answer might seem to be that the media believes Trump is a power-hungry dictator who will refuse to relinquish power. The problem is, this goes against everything we have actually seen President Trump do these past four years. Which means, this is not the simple explanation it may appear to be. So, is there a simpler explanation that makes more sense? Yes! Remember, the allegation is nation-wide voter fraud and that the media has colluded in the fraud.

What the media did was lay the ground work of expectation in the American mindset. This way, if they got caught cheating, they would be able to point back at President Trump’s refusal to agree to concede to Biden and claim that President Trump is trying to steal the election — just like they had predicted. But the truth will be the exact opposite. The Truth will be, the media is trying to get popular support from enough people to secure their theft of the election. Remember, Biden said he needs his supporters after the theft, not before. Well, this is where the media is working to secure that support.

Still not convinced? OK, how about Pelosi stating with absolute certitude that Trump was leaving the White House, even if he has to be drug out of it. How about Dominion employees promising ANTIFA that Trump would lose? How about the Social Media heads stating they would not allow Trump to be re-elected? Do you remember any of these? There are many more examples that can be listed, but that isn’t the point. The point is, how do you tie them together with the media’s set-up of President Trump and Biden’s ‘gaffs?’ Well, aside from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ the simplest answer — the answer requiring the least number of assumptions — is that these people all knew about and were working together to execute the plan to steal this election.

But then, this is all a ‘conspiracy theory,’ right? Well, conspiracy, yes! But that is a legitimate legal charge. Theory? No, not hardly — not when everything we are learning all points in the same direction —> toward ELECTION FRAUD BY THE LEFT! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dementia Doesn’t Lie — And The Media’s Big Set-Up

  1. Huh….In the second video, Biden said “you guys” did “it” for the Obama administration. I’m assuming that he’s still talking about the mass voter fraud organization.


    1. Yes. According to those inside the Trump team, Dominion threw the 2012 election in FL. Obama actually would have lost otherwise. This is what Biden is talking about. They tried to cheat in 2016, but underestimated Trump’s support, so they didn’t steal enough votes for Hillary. They used Dominion again in 2018 to take the House for the Dems, but Republicans are going to be caught in this, too. The 2018 election was the last straw and lead to an executive order in Sept 2018 that is going to rock the whole world.

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