Could The Warning Signs Be Any More Obvious?

Dear Reader,

Are you paying attention to what is happening in the United States right now? The 2020 Presidential election is a total fraud. The media is telling you that the election was fair and secure, but the media is lying to you. It is part of the fraud. There are good people doing everything they can to show you that the evidence of the fraud is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look into it, then find the courage to believe it. But too many of us are accepting the lies. We are comforting ourselves by saying we will ‘get them next time.’ Well, I am here to tell you that, if the Left is allowed to steal this election, there won’t be a next time!

The Left is attempting to take over and destroy this nation. This is not a ‘conspiracy theory. Yes, there is a conspiracy here, but that is an actual legal term (look it up for yourself). However, there is no ‘theory’ involved here. The Left has stopped hiding what it intends to do. They are now boasting about it, openly. Evil always boasts, but we never listen. And make no mistake: this is a battle between good and evil, and the American Left is evil.

Again, I am not going to bother providing the links (those who demand them never read or accept them anyway). I am just going to tell you what the Left is now saying and you can go find out whether or not it’s true on your own. Again, a partial list of what has been in the Left-wing propaganda mill we call ‘the media’ is as follows:

–First, we will get the singularly most corrupt bunch of dictators in human history (this is a known, demonstrable fact: Biden’s cabal is treasonously connected to Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine and many other hostile nations)
–Biden will align us with the Islamic terrorists currently waging war against the United States (this is treason yet again)
–Then, the prosecution of President Trump (on totally made-up charges).
–Then, punishment for any and all who supported him (everything from stigmatizing them to putting them in re-education camps — and yes, they have used those words)
–Censorship of any and all voices of opposition
–Masks and lock-downs well into 2023 (there is no science here; the goal is to destroy the middle class and teach us to submit)
–The establishment of a ‘social credit score’ that will be used to control whether or not you can earn or spend money, travel, or even leave your house (Google and FB already helped build this in China)
–The End of non-government approved/controlled religion (this is already happening)
–The end of all fossil fuels (except for use by the new ruling elite)
–Establishment of the Agenda 2030 protocols (look it up on the UN web site, it’s all there)
–The forced compliance with the Green New Deal and Kyoto Treaty
–From 2-5 new States, guaranteeing the Left’s control of the Senate
–Tens of millions of illegals given citizenship to secure their votes
–The borders thrown open to allow even more illegals in to become Democrat voters

–A packed judicial system to rubber stamp all Left-wing initiatives (this will be all courts, not just SCOTUS)
–Rule by executive order (Schumer has already urged Biden to do this)
–Disarmament of the People (again, Biden has already said he will do this — by force if necessary)
–Socialized medicine, which will then be used as an excuse to govern every single aspect of your life
–All protected by a perpetual rigged election system (if they are allowed to get away with it this time, it will become a permanent part of the system)
–And we will have the One-Party, Marxist dictatorship the Left has been working for since before Woodrow Wilson, and it will be here forever!

Dear Reader, the Left has already said all of this — and more — and they have said it openly, without any hesitation. It is anywhere you bother to look. So, why would anyone think they don’t mean what they say? Why would we think they would spend all this money, expend all this effort, manage to steal power and then not do exactly what they say they want to do? What sense does that make? Be honest! So, if we believe them, and that they will do exactly as they say they will, then why would we think we will ever be able to stop them? If they are allowed to seize open power in this country, this country is over — and with it, so is the rest of the free world!

I am sick and tired of people whop call themselves Americans dismissing the warnings. People have been trying to expose this plot against humanity for decades. Well, now it is out in the open, for anyone with honest eyes and ears to see and hear. What are you going to do about it?

You may be a U.S. citizen, but America is an idea, not a country. It is the idea that Man can rule himself according to a set of laws written to protect the Natural Right to individual rights and liberty. Franklin said is best when he said:

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

Do not let this nation go quietly into that good night…

5 thoughts on “Could The Warning Signs Be Any More Obvious?

  1. I believe we are on the cusp of God’s mercy or judgment … may we seek the guidance of His Holy Spirit for the battle is a spiritual battle

  2. We will soon be tested… Maybe the Mayan calendar had it right after all. It was the experts who got it wrong 2012 vs. 2021, the world as we know it is going to change. God be with us.

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