Who Will Stand In The Breach?

Have you ever heard the term, ‘Standing in the Breach?’ Do you know what it originally meant? Well, given what is happening in the United States today, I thought I might offer my readers a little political thought wrapped in this piece of history.

First, standing in the breach is an ancient term. Originally, people lived in walled cities. When these cities were attacked, the enemy would try to put a hole in these walls so they could gain entrance to the city. When such a hole was made, the city’s best warriors would stand in the breach and take the brunt of the enemy attack while the rest of the city repaired the breach behind them. This all but guaranteed that those who stood in the breach would die!

Now, fast-forward to today. To those who actually keep up with things, and especially to those who understand the numbers, it is now painfully obvious that the American Left is in the act of stealing this country through voter fraud. NO! This is not ‘fake news!’ It is 100%, demonstrable FACT! And I will label anyone who denies this as an enemy of the Union. The only question that will remain is whether or not they are an enemy by intent or ignorance.

Personally, I don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to believe that the same political Party that organized, funded, equipped, trained, fielded and then defended the riots and looting would then try to steal an election. After all, it was known that the American Left was behind the rioting and nothing was done to them for it. There were many laws that could have been applied to stop the chaos and destruction, even at the Federal level. But the Left was allowed to run free. A simple understanding of human nature will tell you that, if they can take a little, they will try to take the whole. So, yes, reason supports the evidence that the election is a fraud.

Now let’s look at the rest of what these people are saying and doing now that they believe they are going to succeed. First, where the evidence of fraud is being exposed, the Left is threatening the Republican election boards and everyone involved in certifying the votes. In Michigan, one Leftist exposed the identity of several Republican poll workers’ children. So, it should be little wonder that those same Republican poll workers reversed their original refusal to certify the fraudulent vote in their districts and now says there is nothing wrong with it. There is evidence that something similar is happening at the State level in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The Left is using terrorism to force the nation to surrender to their total rule. The mystery is, how can people be so blind to what is happening?

The Democrat governors are another clear example of what is coming. Since the Left executed their plan to steal the election, several of these governors have suddenly started ruling by decree with absolutely no deference to the law. They are acting in a way every bit like Mao, Stalin and any other Marxist tyrant has ruled, and no one is doing anything about them. Why?

You might say that people are trying to stop them, but the courts are getting in the way. To that, i answer: Why are you still using the courts? The law is dead, folks. The U.S. Constitution is no more! Now, I agree: we must try to remain lawful. However, we must recognize the times in which we live and seek to employ the proper type of law fitting to those times. So, in what sort of times do we live? It should be clear; we live in a time exactly like that in which the Declaration of Independence was written.

But this leads us to another problem. Our Founders knew full well they were not going to get the tyrannical king to give them liberty by appealing to his sense of decency. George didn’t have any such sense. No, the Founders knew you have to shoot your way out of tyranny. But they were of a character where enough of them were willing to pay whatever cost was necessary to win their liberty. They recognized their times, understood what had to be done, appealed to the Law of the Judge of this Universe and then stood in the breach so that The Judge could decide between them and the tyrant.

So I ask you, reader:

Do you know what time it is? Do you understand what must be done? Do you even believe in the Judge of the Universe anymore? Are you willing to submit to His decision? And will you stand in the breach while we await His judgment? If you answered yes, then it is time to stand up to this tyranny. But, if you answered no to even one of those questions… Well, I suggest you learn to live under tyrants.


A reader sent me a message. He wanted to point out that, even if we need people to stand in the breach, we still have to have people to repair the wall behind them. I admit, this is absolutely true. However, I would like to point out that, if you don’t have people who will stand in that breach first, then it doesn’t matter how many you have behind you waiting to repair the wall, the enemy will get inside the city and, once that happens, all is lost. Let me try this by offering another analogy.

You are a medic, and you are called to the scene of an accident where you find a victim who is not breathing an is also bleeding profusely. So, what do you do first? Well too many of us today would call 911 and wait for someone else to save the victim. Others would immediately treat for shock. Maybe, if one were present, a smarter person might actually try to stop the bleeding. However, I doubt anyone would even think to start the breathing, let alone try to do it. But this is the exact reverse of how you save such a trauma patient. The first thing you do is start the breathing, because lack of oxygen is the fastest way to die. Then you stop the bleeding, then treat for shock, then call for help.

OK, now, let’s tie this back to the issue at hand. All the people who stop the bleeding, treat for shock and/or call for help represent the people who are needed to repair the breach in the wall. However, if there is no one to start the breathing, none of the rest will matter: the patient will die — and fast! That is the person who stands in the breach, the one who starts the breathing.

[NOTE: If you answered yes to all those questions, you might also find this blog post of interest.]

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