If You Follow My Blogs, We Need To Have A SERIOUS Chat

If you have ever followed any of my blogs, we need to have a serious chat.

I want to start with a short personal note. If you have followed me for any length of time, I want to let you know that I am very aware that I have a tendency to sound more than a little un-hinged. I can come across as being dual-minded. But I can assure you, I am firmly grounded in reality. It’s just that I have never had much use for the normal social niceties. I say what I mean, mean what I say and I play my cards face-up on the table. I also question myself — especially when I realize I am exploring a line of research/reasoning that sounds fanciful or even insane. But I assure you, I do my homework. I read ‘the other side,’ mostly because it is the only way to be sure I fully and correctly understand whatever issue with which I may be dealing. So, when I come to you with something, even if I do not always link you to the original sources, I can assure you that I have sound, valid and rational foundations for the information I share with you. What’s more, this is most definitely true about what follows.

I have spent a great deal of time researching the history of the Progressive movement. In fact, it has consumed me for almost twenty years. In the process, I have come to realize that what we call ‘Progressivism’ is just one of many names for what could be described as ‘Secular Humanism.’ It also goes by the name of Marxism, Communism, Socialism and Fascism, to name a few. This is actually one of the ways it hides. The supporters of each of these different names will argue adamantly that they are completely different from the rest, which can easily confuse an outside observer. But they are all the same, you just have to boil them down until you find the lowest common denominator between them. Once you do, you will find that, at their foundations, every single one of these names rests on the idea that Man can be his own god. Essentially, Man can re-write the Natural Laws of this universe. It is for this reason that I am utterly convinced that, collectively, every face of Secular Humanism is but a face of Wormwood.

Wormwood is the key to understanding what we are seeing in the world today. The trouble is, it comes from The Book of Revelation, and far too many people today reject any talk of God, especially the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is most unfortunate, because I have discovered that this is the key to seeing everything as part of a unified story line. Just as, if you take the idea of Man being his own god out of the Secular Humanism equation, you can easily convince yourself that every face of Secular Humanism actually is different, so it is with prophecy. If you reject the Prophetic Word, you will be deceived into believing that the history of the world is nothing more than a jumbled ball of intertwined individual and collective interests. However, if you will entertain the possibility that the Prophetic Word is true, then all of human history falls into a simple story line. In its simplest form, it would best be described as the story of the battle between God and His enemies.

Now, how does this relate to the events of our time? Well, this is an extremely complicated, yet super simple subject. The complicated part is how you get to the conclusion. But the easy part is the conclusion, and that conclusion is that we are witnessing the followers of The Prince Who is to Come in what may well be the final thrust for world domination. To those who do not know them, this comes from the prophetic story line found most clearly in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. However, since I do not wish to lose those of you who do not know or think they should care about the Prophetic Word, let me explain in political terms.

The American Left is on the side of Wormwood. It prospers through deception, lies, fraud, threats, intimidation, violence, terror, lawlessness and — ultimately — chaos. They are convinced they are intellectually and morally superior to everyone outside of their group. They are equally convinced that they have a moral mandate to ‘save the world.’ They have utter contempt for anyone and everyone who disagrees with them, or who refuses to accept the dictates of their agenda. In their mind, they are sincere in their desire to save the world — even from itself — and that any and all means that lead to that goal are morally acceptable. In fact, many of those on the Left would tell you they have a duty to lie, cheat and steal — even murder — just as long as it saves the world in the process. It was once expressed as ‘cracking a few eggs to make an omelette.’ So, do not — not for a second — think that these people are beyond a nation-wide election fraud, because that is actually what they have said they need to do to achieve their goals!

Now, I don’t want to focus on the election fraud, at least, not directly. What I wish to discuss is the moral condition of humanity. There are too few people left who are what our grandparents would have thought of as ‘good’ people. I know this because, if we were still a ‘good’ people, none of what is happening would be happening. There have been plenty of people who have issued specific warnings to the authorities, yet nothing was done. This is because our government is thoroughly corrupt. It is corrupt because we, The People, are corrupt. Now, this does not mean that there are not still ‘good’ people among us, because there are. What it means is, on the whole, there are too few of us left. And take note of something: by ‘good,’ I mean we not only know right from wrong, but we also possess enough virtue to live according to what we know to be right, and the courage to stand up and oppose what we know to be wrong. The person who knows better but who remains quiet is not ‘good.’ A ‘good’ person does what is right no matter what the cost, and this is why the Left is winning: because there are too few who will risk their own comforts to oppose their evil.

Why is this a threat? Well, for one thing, it is going to keep people from investigating and exposing the fraud that has occurred in this election. Still, I believe that President Trump and his team are ‘good,’ and because they are good, they will succeed in pushing their case to the Supreme Court. The problem, the threat, is that the Supreme Court will rule that there was massive voter fraud, and will direct the States to correct it and the Federal Government to set National standards for the next election, but the SOCTUS will allow the result of this election to stand. If this happens, the SOCTUS will legitimize a fraudulent election. This utterly destroys the rule of law, and our Constitution, along with it. As the Constitution goes, so goes the nation. But then, this has been the goal of the Left for a century and a half: the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

If the SCOTUS allows this fraud to stand, then it essentially gives a green light to the Left, and they will most definitely take it. they will change the entire fabric of this nation. When they are finished, everyone will be totally dependent upon the government for their very existence. No one will be able to do anything unless the government allows it. In short, the American left will usher in the Best of Revelation. And, yes, I am describing what the Prophetic Word says that Beast is: a government system that controls absolutely every aspect of every life within its reach. You will not be allowed to earn, buy or sell without the government’s permission. What’s more, if you know where to look, the people who are now on the cusp of seizing this nation by fraud have said they intend to do exactly this: to build the Beast. many of them even worship the dragon otherwise known as Satan, the power behind the Beast.

The reason that the Left may be allowed to seize control is because too many people fear what it would mean if the election is set aside and Trump is allowed to stay in office. There would be nothing illegal about this; President Trump did win the legal vote. The problem is, if the law is upheld, then the Left has guaranteed violence and probable secession of the deepest blue States. So, the cowards who think of themselves as just being ‘serious,’ will surrender the nation and the People with it. Instead, they will try to convince the nation that it will survive the Biden Administration and that it can work to win the next election. But how foolish is this sort of thinking? If you show your enemy they can openly cheat in an election and you will not oppose them, then by what act of magic do you think you will ever be allowed to win another election? The Left will simply rig every election from this point forward — that is, every election until they eventually declare themselves above such trivial matters. And they will! You can be as sure of that as you are the sun will rise tomorrow.

So, where does this leave us? The answer is simple: either we stand with President Trump, or we fall into eternal tyranny. If we stand, we start by demanding fair and open investigations with the disclosure of absolutely transparent results as they are discovered. If fraud is proven — and it will be — then we must demand the law be upheld and every single person who was a part of the coup attempt be tried and jailed. But jail is not enough for the leadership of this coup. Those found to have planned, organized and/or funded the coup must be publicly executed, and in short order. There can be no languishing on death row waiting for appeals to expire. They get one appeal, and if it fails, they hang the next morning — on public television. The reason is simple: evil must either be purged from society, or will metastasize and return. And, lest you think I am misguided, I would urge you to pay attention to the American Left. Many of the people now expecting to be taking power are already openly saying the same thing I just said, only they are saying it about anyone and everyone who has supported President Trump in any way — even if all you did was vote for him.

Unfortunately, I expect ‘serious people’ to surrender the nation to the Left. The only hope I see is that YHWH stay His hand and acts to defeat this evil plot. There is a possibility that this might happen, and it can also be found in the Prophetic Word. In this case, it is found in the Book of Ezekiel. If the prophecy I have in mind is actually unfolding here, now, in the U.S. — and there is sufficient reason to consider it — then President Trump might well prevail. If he does, the nation will most likely enjoy at least seven years of peace and prosperity after that happens, but then the Left will come back stronger than ever and, the next time, it will win.

However, I must offer a strong word of caution here. I can also see another possibility: a possibility where it will appear as though President Trump has prevailed and the nation will be saved, but — in reality — the Truth will be the exact opposite. I know that there are only two possible outcomes to the events through which we are living, and both are firmly rooted in my understanding of the Prophetic Word. Either we will be given a temporary reprieve, or we the of man kind will fall under a global tyranny. I can see only one path that leads to a reprieve, but I see several possible paths leading toward tyranny. I just don’t know which will actually unfold.

I realize that this post will not be of much comfort to those who are seeking some level of reassurance, but then, that is not my purpose for writing. I am writing to warn whoever has ears to hear and eyes to see. I am writing to call whoever will answer back to the Lord. I am writing to beg the reader to stop worrying about the affairs of this world and to start giving serious consideration to matters of eternity. I just pray that I will reach at least one soul who will heed my warning. And, if this post speaks to you, I pray you will share it with others so that, through me, you might reach at least one soul who will heed your warning.

If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them. You can either post in the comment section below, or send an email to the address posted in the margin of this blog page.

7 thoughts on “If You Follow My Blogs, We Need To Have A SERIOUS Chat

    1. I don’t really control that, at least, not that I’m aware of. You do 🙂

      There should be a “FOLLOW” button in the left margin of the blog page. Scroll down until you see it, then click on it and follow the prompts. Hope this will help.

  1. I think there is some good news, I believe the Trump people represent the good, and we are with the Lord. Hanging out with them this summer was an incredible experience and gave me faith in good people. I believe we can prevail, but it’s going to be quite likely ugly still. These wannabe ‘revolutionaries’ just need to go ahead and get started, the corruption is so deep and pervasive that a metaphorical fire is needed to burn it all. Great post, it did speak to me, there’s no sugar coating what’s going on. It’s an existential and spiritual struggle, the battle of good and evil. They hate us and want us dead.

  2. very well stated….this is a spiritual battle taking place just as Paul outlined in Ephesians 6…we must wear the armor of The Lord….TY for your willingness to be a watchman on the wall

  3. Your third possibility is unpleasant but consistent with human sinfulness. Watch to see if Trump’s personality moves into a more Godly mode, or if braggadocio continues when things quiet down.

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