How To Organize For Local Self-Defense

With the growing encroachment on our 2nd Amendment Right to maintain the ability to resist tyrannical government, I think this post is well timed.  Do with it as you will:

I was once sitting at a biker’s bar with some friends.  We got into a conversation about how it will be impossible to resist the government when they move to disarm the nation and take over.  One of the younger folks at our table said we could not resist because we couldn’t even organize ourselves, let alone learn to fight effectively.

When this young man said those words, I stood up, raised my voice, and things went a little like this from that point:

Me: “Hey!  This kid says we won’t be able to resist a government take over because the People can’t organize in time to resist them.  How many of you here were in the military?”

Biker: (this guy was BIG).  “Who said that?”

Me: “This young man right here” (I point to the guy at our table).

Biker: (turns to look around the bar) “How many officers we got here?” (a couple hands went up).

“NCO’s?”  (a half dozen hands went up).

(The biker looked around at everyone else and said) “The rest of you are privates.  Fall in and do what these men tell you to do.”

(Then he looked at the young man with my table and said) “We’re formed.  Any more dumb questions?”

Folks, this is how easy it is to form a militia.  It just takes a group of people who are serious about organizing and fighting for their rights.  The rest has already been done.

NOTE TO FORMER MILITARY: I do not discount your rank, but, if and when the time comes, you vets who were in the Air Force and the Navy need to remember that we’re talking small unit tactics here.  While you may out rank them, Most your brothers and sisters from the Army and Marines in your local group are going to have had training and experience far better suited to the mission at hand than you did.  Remember that.  Use their skills appropriately.  It may be that some field promotions will be in order.

Sir!  The Militia is formed!

4 thoughts on “How To Organize For Local Self-Defense

  1. Considering the general incompetence of government at state and federal levels, I doubt that they will address the 2A. They can cripple communication and expression quite well using media and the tech titans, and lead us down a long decline to socialism.

    I think the closer danger comes from our adversaries abroad and those they have infiltrated across our borders. They know the vulnerabilities of our electrical grid, and can take down part or all of it – that includes the internet. That brings commerce to a halt. Society will quickly cease to function. I suggest our ex-military might consider how to cope with that. The best idea I’ve seen is at and it might let local areas survive.

    If a nuclear power plant loses grid power, it cannot cool its reactor or its spent fuel pool (a bad design assumption) and will go Fukushima when it is out of fuel for its backup generators. Oil refineries go down without grid power.

    1. I can see your points as well — save one. I used to think like you — that the government is incompetent — but no more! FDR said that nothing happens in politics by accident. If it happens a certain way, we can be sure it was planned that way. So I have come to believe a great deal of what we see as incompetence is all part of the show. That said, they ARE arrogant and, sometimes, like with this coup against Trump, arrogance can cause them to let their guard down and show their true face. Sadly, however, too few Americans pay enough attention to notice 😦

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