Did You Catch Rush Today? NWO REAL! And Trump Is Going To Take It Down!

So, I have been saying I will be voting for Trump in 202, but not for any political reasons, but to simply buy time for the believers to reach as many of the lost as possible before the curtain falls forever on the United States.  Well, today, Rush Limbaugh — someone who I have come to hold suspect, himself — gave me a solid political reason to vote for President Trump!

I am not sure how many caught it today, but Rush actually admitted that the NWO is real, that it is international in scope and that it has been running this country from behind the scenes for decades!  Now, he did not use those words exactly, but, if you can ‘read the stitches on a fast ball,’ then this is most certainly what he said.  Here’ I’ll lay it out for you.

He started by addressing a fear that I have, myself: namely, that, if Barr doesn’t get busy handing our indictments, and Trump is not re-elected, the clock is going to run out on any opportunity we have to see justice metered out to the Democrats and the criminals in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and State Department.  Like many others who longer trust anyone in our government, I had started to suspect Barr is part of the Deep State and was playing a ‘slow roll’ on us: promising action until it is too late to do anything then just going away and nothing happens.  Well, Rush suggested something I had not considered.

If Rush is correct (and he could be, as he does know the inside politics on these matters), then Barr and Durham could be taking extra special care to cross every conceivable ‘T‘ and dot every imaginable ‘I‘ because they not only intend to take on the Deep State, but the puppet masters behind the faces and names we know.  Yes, Limbaugh actually said that Barr and Durham are going after the money men behind the Deep State; the people in the shadows who’s names we do not know.  Then Limbaugh said that Barr and Durham have to be careful because, if they do not do this right, they are dead — and in the context and with the tone he used those words, it seemed clear that Rush mean dead — as in, ‘assume room temperature!

Now, do you realize what this little mini-monologue actually means?  In case you’re not sure, or that fast ball went by too fast, let me lay it out nice and slow:

1 — Rush just admitted that there is a NWO, that it is International in scope, and that the Deep State is part of it.

2 — Rush also admitted that all these jokes about people being ‘suicided‘ for crossing the Deep State are not just ‘conspiracy theory.’


3 — President Trump intends to bur this whole cabal to the ground.

My dear reader, this is one of those days when — if you know how to read him — Rush let’s you peak behind the curtain, and what he showed us is at once frightening and encouraging.  It confirms what so many of us have known for years but couldn’t get anyone ‘in the know‘ to admit.  It also confirms that this nation is in grave danger from a subversive element within our own government, media and education system.  But it also tells us that we may finally have a true patriot in office who is not part of the system and who is willing to do what must be done to save this nation.

If this is true, then it is the first time in my lifetime that I have seen a true ray of hope.  Not even the great ‘Renaldus Magnus’ gave us such hope.  Therefore, while I cannot speak for anyone else, I can and will say that, barring something truly earthshaking and undeniably clear as to its truth, I will be voting for President Trump.  He is going to need all the help he can get.

BUT WITH THAT SAID: This is not the time to put our hope and faith in a man, but the time to return to the formula which brought this nation is success in the first place.  It is time to turn, repent and seek forgiveness for our wrong-doing and lawlessness.  As a nation, we need to pray to the Lord for forgiveness and for Divine protection over this President and those around him.  It may even be time to call for national days of fasting again.  But the last thing we should do is trust in Trump.  This nation — if it is to survive — must always trust in the Lord and then do its best to live by His laws.  Anything else will lead to destruction because nothing else will work.

4 thoughts on “Did You Catch Rush Today? NWO REAL! And Trump Is Going To Take It Down!

  1. Amen to that. I’ll just add from your previous article, unlike the American Revolution, the militia will not be comprised of mostly farmers but battle-trained forgotten warriors, from all walks of life.

  2. The NWO, the international Deep State, seems like Fabian socialism remolding the world from the top. to fit its desires.
    Bill Gates, Soros, Bezos and techies and media are helping. Some may be useful idiots , but how can we distinguish them from the real bosses?
    Or. are we opposing the divine council of Ps. 82, as explained by Michael Houser in his Supernatural. seminars 1-4 on Youtube?

    1. YES! For our part — here in the U.S. — this goes backward, through the Progressives, directly to the Fabians. As for who are we opposing? EXCELLENT POINT! I happen to believe that, ultimately, we are opposing ‘Principalities,’ which puts us square in the cross hairs of the Psalm 82 Divine Council. 🙂

  3. Joe,
    Have been an avid listener to Rush Limbaugh since July, 1985.

    Rush’s philosophy and exceptional rational opinions reflect the truth that I accept
    just as you have stated. Thank you for the confidence you have in Rush and
    President Trump.

    Your last paragraph expresses my thoughts.

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