Logic and the IG Report: No Bias???

So, the IG report dealing with the FISA investigation in to the allegations that Trump colluded with Russia is out, and it claims the IG found ‘No evidence of bias.’  Well, let’s just apply a little logic to that, shall we?

First, the IG’s own report shows that the FISA warrant that started the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign was entirely based on the Steel dossier.  Furthermore, the IG reports that the Steel dossier was a complete fabrication, and that it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  What’s more, one of the people inside the FBI investigation stated that there was clear evidence of political bias behind the dossier.  Finally, the IG’s report shows that the FBI not only knew they were committing a fraud upon the FISA court when they first applied for the warrant, but that they withheld exculpatory evidence and even went so far as to fabricate evidence to continue the warrant.  Yet, with all of this, the IG refers to these deliberate and illegal acts by the FBI as ‘mistakes.’

But how can they be simple ‘mistakes’ when they all work to the benefit of one person/Party and against another person/Party.  Maybe, if we only had a few such ‘mistakes,’ the IG could make such a case, but we have seventeen separate ‘mistakes.’  In legal terms, this is not called a ‘mistake,’ but a pattern, and patterns imply intent — especially when people inside the investigation are stating their is political bias, and the people running the investigation are fabricating evidence to continue their illegal activity.  Therefore, we have only one of two choices: either this pattern indicates a systemic practice within the FBI, or it indicates political bias.

So, which is it: how do we decide.  Well, this one is actually pretty easy.  If this pattern is indicative of the standard operating practices within the FBI and DOJ under the Obama Administration, the IG should have found indications that they same things were being done to Democrat candidates.  However, the IG found just the opposite.  According to the IG report, the FBI operated properly, if not deferentially toward the Clinton Campaign, but they acted inappropriately toward the Trump Campaign.  This makes it clear that this series of ‘mistakes’ was not standard procedure for the FBI and DOJ under the Obama Administration, which leaves only one other reasonable option: political bias.

Now, before I keep going, let me stop right here and state this as forcefully as I can:

These were not mistakes!

Mistakes of this nature seldom — if ever — happen at this level and, if they do, they are caught and corrected.  They do not compound.  Furthermore, the deliberate fabrication of evidence is not a mistake, it is an intentional criminal act.  So, please, do not try to argue that this is all just incompetence.  The IG’s report actually shows that it was not.  How do we know this?  Because the IG’s report condemns the Obama FBI and DOJ, yet the Democrats in these hearings are not contesting the IG’s findings.  That is an admission that they are accurate, which shows the FBI acted willfully.

Now, there is one thing left to consider here.  If, given everything we have just discussed, the Ig still says he cannot see political bias in this entire scandal, then we have to consider two additional possibilities: that the IG is the one who is incompetent, or that the IG is also acting from political bias: in this case, the desire to provide cover for the Obama Administration by giving the Democrats and the media “No bias’ talking points.  So, how can we determine which is which?  Well, I’ll leave that up to you but, if you need help figuring it out, consider this:

The media largely skipped all Republican commentary and questioning today, but they covered several Democrats repeatedly asking the IG is he found bias and the IG saying, “No bias.”

Certainly, that proves bias in the media, which is now proven to coordinate with the Democrats.  Which then leaves the reader to decide whether or not the IG is part of this coup, or is he just an incompetent boob who some how managed to rise to the highest levels of our legal system?

One thought on “Logic and the IG Report: No Bias???

  1. Federal officeholders take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but it appears they actually protect and defend any other officeholder and all but the lowest government employees. Trump is the exception, the outsider who threatens to upset the long-running game played by the ruling class. Reference: Comey and Hillary.

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