What Can Snoopy And The Red Barron Teach Us About This Impeachment Hearing?

What can Snoopy and the Red Barron teach us about the way this impeachment process is going?


For the sake of argument, let’s pretend we got into a big fight over who should win: Snoopy, or the Red Barron?  Now, don’t assume you know which side would win in a fair fight here.  I mean, have you seen the cartoons?  Snoopy cheats, and nobody wants to let anyone get away with cheating.  Yes, that’s right: I am saying Snoopy cannot be trusted because he cheats.  In fact, Snoopy is so dangerous, we cannot allow Snoopy to even take to the air. We simply cannot take that chance that he would cheat — again.  Protecting ‘fairness’ is just too important.  Therefore, we must smash Snoopy’s dog house — in the interest of making sure everything stays ‘fair.’

Here, I’ll even provide you with irrefutable evidence that proves — beyond any doubt — that Snoopy cheats.  In this video, we see that Snoopy and his minions not only rely on cheating, they lack any sense of chivalry and fair play whatsoever.  In fact, they are so bad, they not only cheat in a fair fight, but they kidnap the woman that the Red Barron was trying to protect:

Now that you have seen the evidence for yourself, let’s be honest with each other: Snoopy is such a bad person that, in the interest of fairness and protecting women, we must smash Snoopy’s dog house — so he can never do anything like this again.

Now that you have seen the proof, do you agree that we have to smash Snoopy’s dog house to protect ‘fairness’ and women?  If you disagree, then you’re a ‘fill in the blank.’  I mean, seriously: I gave you the proof in that video, so, if you don’t agree with me,  you have to be a ‘fill in the blank.’  Only a ‘fill in the blank‘ would try to defend Snoopy’s cheating and kidnapping of women.


OK, so, what does this have to do with the impeachment process?  Well,the first thing we need to understand is that, depending on which side you might have been on in WW I, either Snoopy or the Red Barron could be the ‘good’ guy or ‘bad’ guy.  If you were a German, then Snoopy would most likely be the ‘bad’ guy in your eyes, which means Snoopy’s attack on the Red Barron using everything and anything but his guns in a fair fight represents ‘cheating.’  However, if you were on the Allied side, then you might see the Red Barron as the ‘bad’ guy, and that Snoopy has no guns, so he was defending himself with whatever means he has available to him.  Which leaves us with the fight, itself.  In the background here is the implication of right and wrong in connection to the entire struggle we know as WW I.  Here again, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys all depends on which side of the line you stand.

I hope you will see that I am using the story of Snoopy and the Red Barron as an allegory.  Before I connect all this to the impeachment hearings, let me explain the characters/parallels in this little allegory I just created (you know, just in case someone out there missed it 🙂 ):

Snoopy represents President Trump.

The Red Barron represents the American Left.

The Red Barron’s guns represent the American Left’s ideas of ‘fair play.’

Snoopy’s Dog House represents the 202 election.

The fight (essentially WW I) represents the rule of law.

Now, let me connect the dots for you:

I deliberately set this up in a way that claims Snoopy is the ‘bad’ guy and the Barron is the ‘good’ guy.  I said Snoopy cheats, because he does not use guns and that the only way we can make things fair is to destroy Snoopy’s dog house.  In our allegory, this is the same thing as saying that Snoopy (Trump) is not playing by the Barron’s (Left’s) rules by using guns (the Left’s rules of ‘fairness’/rule of law), therefore, ‘fairness’ demands that we destroy Snoopy’s dog house (the election).  And behind all of this is the question of who will win WW I (the rule of law, or those who oppose the rule of law).  Now, which side you are on — Snoopy’s or the Barron’s — will decide how you see this issue.  But, before you decide, consider that the American Left, the people who are always talking about how much they love ‘democracy,’ is now saying we cannot trust ‘democracy:’

Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats That Impeachment Is Important Because the Voters Can’t Be Trusted to Make the Right Decision in 2020

Jerry Nadler: ‘We Cannot Rely on an Election’ to Get Rid of Trump

Now for some logic:

Using our allegory, let’s look at this issue.  Which side started WW I?  The Germans (The Red Barron’s side).  Which side was morally wrong in WW I?  The Germans (again, the Red Barron’s side).  So, if WW I represents the rule of law, and the Red Barron represents the side opposing the rule of law, this means that — at the very least — by saying they cannot trust the election, the American Left is trampling the rule of law.

This leaves us with only one question: does Snoopy really cheat simply because he does not play by the rules dictated by the Red Barron?  Well, in a war, only a fool allows his enemy to dictate how he fights — especially when that enemy is the aggressor (i.e. the morally wrong side of the war).  So, let’s stop demanding that Trump play by Democrat rules.  What matters is this: did Trump violate the rule of law — period?  And the answer to that — given everything we know — is NO!  Unless they can prove that Trump was only interested in himself, then everything he has done in Ukraine is mandated by the law.  That means Trump was obeying/following/enforcing the law, not violating it.  Which means that Snoopy is not a cheater — the Red Barron is!

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