EDITORIAL: Has The Impeachment Of Trump Brought Us To The Threshold Of Dissolving The Union?

I’ll keep this one mercifully short:

I have been listening to all the talking heads arguing over how best to proceed with the impeachment of Donald Trump and, for the most part, they are saying exactly what I had expected: they are arguing strictly along the lines of what is most politically expedient for their respective Party interests.  This saddens me because no one is approaching this impeachment from the perspective of principle: where we do what is right, cling to the rule of law, and leave the results to Providence.  But so few voices are arguing for this approach, and of those who are, none of them seem to hold any position of prominence or leadership.  It has all left me wondering just how many of us are left that really, truly understand the founding of this nation, let alone the men who built it.  I think, were the Founders alive today, they may well be pushing — not for the reparation of this nation — but for its dissolution!

Yes, I mean exactly what I just said: I think the time has come where the Founders would have agreed that it is time to make the moral case for dissolving the union.  When even those who claim to support and defend our founding principles are wavering over whether or not we should proceed to a full trial in the Senate, where we can fully expose the breadth and depth of the corruption in our government and political Parties, and then trust the Lord to handle the result, then the nation is already lost.  I say that we’re already lost because, if we are all looking to our ourselves to ‘save us,’ then we no longer hold any resemblance to the Founders or their principles, which means we have no chance of properly applying their principles and ideals for self-governance.  Rather, we have arrived at the point where — sadly — we actually do need masters to rule over us.  Therefore, if the few people left among us who are still trying to cling to liberty are not to be trampled by the tyranny growing in the rest of this nation, the only solution I can see is to dissolve the Union and leave the people of those few remaining Liberty-loving States to their own devices.

Anything less than a dissolution will represent an open tyranny with those who now look to men for their solutions trampling over the remnant who still looks to the Creator for their laws and salvation.  It all boils down to the same question our Founders faced: will we be governed by the Lord and His Laws, or will we be governed by men and their bayonets?

Currently, as it appears now, unless we dissolve for the sake of the few, then we will all fall under the bayoneted.  I pray I am wrong, but, unfortunately, everything I know about Natural Law, human nature and the march of human history tells me I am anything but…

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