We Are Lost!

Do you know the term, ‘McCarthyism?’  Do you know what it refers to?  It refers to a time when this nation was investigating the infiltration of Communists into our government.  Senator McCarthy was the leader in the search to identify and remove these Communists — until they shut him down, claiming that he was destroying the reputations of innocent people.  Here is a video clip of that historic moment.  I beg you, please, watch it:

Now, here is what you need to know:

McCarthy was correct.

He did not accuse a single innocent person.  Every person he named has since been proven to have been a Communist, and some of them stayed in our government, working for the Communist agenda, for decades after this event.  This has been documented in at least two books, “None Dare Call It Treason” and “Blacklisted by History.”

Why is this important?

The people McCarthy named were traitors to this country.  They worked from inside our government to help the Communist agenda throughout the Cold War, and they did so from inside the U.S. government and other vital social institutions.

How does this connect to today?

The heirs to those Communist infiltrators are now doing to President Trump and anyone else who tries to stop them exactly what they claimed McCarthy was doing to them.  What we are watching in the House of Representatives is a modern-day McCarthy-type moment, only — this time — the victims truly are innocent, and their attackers have no sense of shame or decency.

But why does this mean we are lost?

We are lost because, as a society, we can no longer see right from wrong.  We know — as fact — that the Obama Administration worked with George Soros to overthrow the Ukraine government in 2014, and they did it strictly for personal gain in both money and power. We know that Biden and his son were part of $7 Billion in U.S. aid that got ‘lost’ in Ukraine, only to have $1.5 Billion end up back in the U.S. and connected directly to the Bidens.  We know that the Ukrainians were investigating Barisma and Hunter Biden, and that Barisma sought Obama’s help in protecting them, and that Biden then had the Ukraine prosecutor fired in return for some $1.8 Billion.  We know that the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine then stopped the Ukraine government from presenting the proof of all this to the U.S. congress — twice!  We know that Hillary and the DNC colluded with Ukraine to throw the 2016 election for her and against Trump.  2 Ukrainians were even convicted over this collusion, one of which was also instrumental in illegally leaking documents that got Paul Manifort jailed.  And we know that the ‘whistle-blower’ is a DNC and CIA operative who is connected to everything I just detailed.  This is all documented as fact — period!

We also know that the U.S. has a treaty with Ukraine which requires the President to work with Ukraine to combat corruption.  This means that President Trump has a legal obligation to ask the Ukrainians to investigate the Obama Administration, Biden, Hillary, the DNC and George Soros — all of whom the Ukrainians were forbidden to investigate under Obama, or they would not get their U.S. aid.  This means that the Obama Administration bribed the Ukrainians, not Trump.  It also means that, even if he did hold back funds to get the Ukrainians to investigate, it was legal!

Finally, we know that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are aware of every bit of this.  We know that they have presented witnesses who perjured themselves.  Which means we know that Schiff and Pelosi have suborned perjury as well as committed a fraud upon the Congress.  By their own definition, this is also obstruction of Congress and obstruction of justice.

As a nation we are in trouble because every bit of this is absolute proven fact, and yet, our elected officials continue to lie about it.  Our government law enforcement agencies ignore it.  The media continues to lie about it.  And the majority of Americans not only ignore or excuse it, they defend it!

When a large portion of a society will openly excuse and even defend lawlessness on this level, that society is already lost!

Why do I say we are lost?

If we do not arrest these people and charge them for their crimes, then we have allowed our entire system to be destroyed.  No one can or should trust any level of government from this point forward.  If large parts of our government and media are not charged and tried for subversion, then we are literally living in open tyranny, where the only thing that decides whether or not you are guilty is who happens to be the stronger power at that point and time.  Dear reader, when an innocent person can be charged, tried and convicted for a crime his accuser(s) have actually committed, that is the very definition of tyranny — and that is exactly what we are watching them do to President Trump.

Now, you may not like Trump.  I’m on record as not exactly being his biggest fan.  But, seriously, have you no sense of decency?  Will you honestly continue to ignore what is happening to our nation right now?  Will you even defend this lawlessness?  Or will you start standing up for what is right because it is right, not because it will cost your political team points?  Decide!  And choose well, because your team may not be in power when the dust settles and, if it isn’t, and you choose anything but the rule of law, then you may well have written your own death warrant — especially if the lawless side in this wins.  They have a long, illustrious history of just killing their enemies (and Obama’s buddy, Bill Ayres, not only said that is what he and his allies planned to do, he said he wished he could have done more to make it happen).


2 thoughts on “We Are Lost!

    1. You have more faith in the people than I do. I am absolutely convinced events will go the other way. It’s just Natural Law: a corrupt people are ALWAYS taken over by tyrants, and we are now a corrupt people. 😦

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