Dear Readers;

I have been threatening to start a video portion of this blog for a while. Well, it looks like it is finally going to happen. Up until now, I had been limited by my internet speeds. Living in the country, I did not have the upload speed necessary to live stream. However, an AT&T technician came to check on our current equipment today and he told me there is a solution to my problem. There always has been, it’s just that he is the first person in 5 years to tell me what it is. So, long story cut short: they are coming to switch me to an internet service that will handle live video from my office. I should be good to go by this Friday.

Steve Nichols has asked me to be a contributor to a new, privately run media network he has started. Some of you might remember that Steve was a talk radio host in Valdosta, Georgia. I used to sit in as his guest the last Friday of every month. You can still find links to some of my shows on this blog. Anyway, I have accepted Steve’s invitation. I’ll be traveling to the Hahira, Georgia area tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be on Steve’s show Thursday morning, followed by a meeting with him and his technical counter-part afterward. With a little luck and some hard work, we’ll get all the bugs ironed out and my show will go live on his network sometime next week or or early the following week (Aug 4-15).

Once I meet with Steve and his partner, I’ll have a better idea of what equipment I will need. I’ll get it ordered as soon as I know what to buy. I have two people here locally, both of whom know how to set it up and have offered to help. Once my ‘studio’ is built, and we are ready to go live, we’ll coordinate with Steve to link us to his network. When that gets finished, I should be live every week day (M-F) from 0800 — 1000 CST. I should even be able to take calls from day one!

I’ll confess: now that it looks like it will actually happen, I am excited about the idea. I am nervous about the capital outlay in both time and money, especially in our current environment. But that is more than offset by the anticipation of possibly getting to speak with some of my long-term readers live, on the air!

Once I start with the daily shows, I will make every effort to resume active blogging. I will link the show and this blog so they are mutually supporting. The biggest problem I foresee is finding a way to grow the show. I have a hang-up when it comes to self-promotion, and this sort of thing is largely about being able to promote yourself. Still, if I can figure out how to promote the show in a way I can handle, I have no doubt it will grow. Growth is the key to the whole thing. I cannot keep things going for more than 6 months to a year without finding a way to monetize the show, and we cannot monetize the show until we have a solid base of listeners/readers. Still, if this is what God means for me to do, it will work itself out — somehow. I’m not going to worry about it right now. I’m just going to focus on getting things going and we’ll take the next step(s) from there.

I’ll share more about my plans for the show as soon as I get back from meeting with Steve tomorrow. Until then, I would really like to hear from any of you who have thoughts about content for the show. At the moment, I am thinking about ‘Fallacy Fridays,’ where we cover the many different types of logical fallacies and how they are used against us in our daily life. I’d also like to cover the week’s headlines every Friday, where I read sections of selected stories and share my perspective on how to understand whatever issue that story addresses. What else would make for a good, educational and reoccurring segment on the show? Come-on, share your thoughts. I need to know how I can best serve you in my future video efforts.


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