IN THEIR OWN WORDS: ‘Liberal World Order,’A Lesson In Boasting Double-Speak

This is not only a lesson in how ‘They’ will openly boast about what They plan to do to you, but also in the fallacy of equivocation. Please, pay close attention to this lesson. This happens more often than you may realize.

First, watch this video clip:

Now, on the surface, this clip may sound to some like he is speaking about the Progressive World Order. That is because he is! However, he thinks he is fooling people. He thinks that the average listening will hear ‘Liberal’ and think ‘Classic Liberal,’ like our Founding Fathers. Why do I say this? Because that is what Biden is alluding to here in this next clip:


OK< now, Biden is explaining what the majority of those rational people among us believe: that the Classic Liberal world order (i.e. The Western world) is what led to the prosperity of the 20th Century. By most objective analysis of history, this is the correct understanding. But that is not what he really means! This is a ‘dog whistle.’

By ‘dog whistle,’ I mean that Biden is saying something he knows most people will take one way, but he is actually talking to a different, smaller audience in a way only they will hear and understand — in the same way only dogs can hear a dog whistle. When Biden says ‘Liberal World Order,’ he knows most of us will hear, ‘Western World Order,’ and we will agree and accept his words that way. But Biden’s true audience will hear ‘Progressive World Order’ and understand him this way. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed to each other, but he is using the same world to allude to one while actually speaking about the other. This is classic double-talk, a very common, Progressive tactic.*

What the Progressive does is hook you with a word he or she knows has a known meaning in your head. Usually, the Progressive will pick a word that he or she knows has a positive connotation and, if possible, emotional connection for the masses. Then, the Progressive will assign his or her own meaning to that word. This way, the Progressive can now talk openly to his or her Progressive friends, like in a public speech, knowing the masses will hear one thing and agree with it, but their Progressive friends will hear and know what is really being said. The classic example of this is the very use of the word, ‘progress.’ It is why we call them ‘Progressives:’ because they chose to sell their regressive agenda to America under the idea of actual progress. America heard ‘progress’ and thought about technological, scientific and economic progress when the Progressive actually meant incremental progress toward the regressive notion of collectivism under a Progressive dictatorship.

This practice occurs all the time these days. But, if you do not know history — especially the history of the Progressive (i.e. Communist) agenda — you will not see and understand it. You have to know their language and, to learn their language, you have to know their history. You also have to read their literature. Sadly, however, most Americans simply refuse to bother educating themselves. They would rather accept the lie and keep watching all the many forms of distraction the Progressive agenda feeds them.

Now, to close this post, I want to explain how I know this is all Progressive propaganda: an open lie. In the first clip, Deese says we have to pay high gas prices to preserve the Liberal World Order. If he truly meant Liberal in the Classic Liberal sense, then this comment would make no sense. In the Classic Liberal world, the energy sector would not be directed by the government. It would be allowed to operate freely, solving the demand for energy in many ways. First, oil companies would be given free access and permission to drill as much oil as they could. But other energy sources that have been squashed by private/government partnership (i.e. Fascism) would be allowed to develop: sources such as electric, but also natural gas and hydrogen cells. Even better carburetors that provide much higher fuel efficiency would be permitted on the market. But these things are not allowed because we are not under a free (and, therefore, Classic Liberal) world order. We are under a Progressive (and therefore, regressive) world order.

When you know more about the reality of this world, especially history, it is almost impossible for ‘Them’ to lie to you. But then, it will also get you labeled as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ (yet another ‘Them’ tactic 🙂 ).

*This is is also called, the fallacy of equivocation.

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