IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Sanger Explains The ‘Good’ Of Abortion


I speak in terms of ‘They’ quite often, and I assert that “They’ will tell you what They think, what They want to do and how They plan to do it. To which, many people ask me who They are? People demand that I show them the They. OK, fine. I’ll show you one of the They — or, rather — Steve Deace will show you. Here is an absolutely brilliant and absolutely 100% accurate illustration of They in Their own words:

(Notice: what follows is a brilliant blending of modern technology and Sanger’s own words to tie the things Sanger said in many different, separated places into a clear and easily understood ‘interview.’ Deace explains this after the ‘interview,’ so, if you doubt me, keep listening after the ‘interview’ ends):

Start at the 2nd hour (around the 45 minute mark) and watch/listen! When you are finished, you will know and understand the person most responsible for Planned Parenthood/Abortion in America, as well as the true agenda behind the original (and continuing) push for abortion. In short: this is a leader of the They telling you what she believes; why she believes it; what she wants to do because of it; and how she plans to accomplish her goals:

LIFE ALWAYS WINS: Roe v. Wade Is History | Guest: Bob Vander Plaats | 6/27/22

Did you listen tot he whole ‘interview?’ Did you catch how she painted herself as a ‘compassionate’ person who holds the ‘morally superior’ position or ‘moral high ground?’ Do you see how she is a perfect illustration of what I have always told you They are, what They believe and how They see themselves? Now, remember:

OK, keep everything you just heard and read in mind while you watch this — to the very end! (Remember: Hillary Clinton knows everything you just heard):

If the light bulb has not gone off in your head by now,

Well, if — after all of this — you are not starting to see and understand the connections I have been trying to show you this whole time on TRTC, then you are beyond my ability to reach.

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