Well, It Looks Like I’m Going To Do It

Earlier this week, I went to Valdosta, Georgia to meet with Steve Nichols. He is the radio talk show host who used to have me as a guest the last Friday of every month. I have posted links to some of my appearances on his show here on TRTC. Steve wanted to announce that I have agreed to host my own video show, and I did. Here is a link to that 7/29/2022 show:


After the show, I met with Steve and his partner and we hammered out an initial agreement. I am currently working to set up my studio now. I hope to have the studio put together by Friday, August 5. If I can make that happen, we will get my studio linked to Steve’s network and start testing it so we can go live on Monday, August 15. At first, I will be doing a 2 hour show, Monday — Friday, from 8 — 10 AM, CST. However, the goal is to make it a 3 hour show. If things go well, I will be able to take calls from the first day.

I am going to confess: the studio is a compromise. I was not able to make the internet work fast enough at my house. AT&T couldn’t deliver on their promised up-load speeds. So, until I can fix the problem, I will be broadcasting from a temporary studio closer to town. This will mean a 25 minute drive each way every day, but I can deal with that — unless Biden decides we need to pay even more for gasoline than he already has. So, at first, the show will not look like much, but I will work hard to correct that as quickly as possible. Besides, I am going to need a few weeks to get my feet under me, so the first few weeks will be a breaking-in period for me, anyway.

Once I master the broadcasting part of things, I will be up-grading TRTC. It will get a new look, be linked to the network I will be on, and I will start writing regular posts again. The idea — at least for now, anyway — is to use the show and the blog in conjunction. I hope to educate and to teach in a way that will keep your attention, but, more importantly, help you to acquire the tools you need to make better sense out of the chaos that is becoming our modern world. We’ll just have to see how well I manage to deliver as, without an audience, this will go nowhere — FAST! But, if things actually work, then I plan to make the show and this blog my job. I’ll dedicate all my efforts to it and my current business will fade away.

Anyway, stay tuned. I’ll update you again as soon as I have something more to report.

5 thoughts on “Well, It Looks Like I’m Going To Do It

  1. Looking forward to your show! Been listening since Steve started. Enjoy your blogs so I know the show will be amazing. Prayers for your success.

    Missy Bennett

    1. Congratulations on the show. I will be watching and challenging all inaccuracies and false narratives.
      I will agree when you’re correct.

      1. Well, how magnanimous of you, Richard. However, on my show, facts will be facts by definition, not whether or not they align with your opinions. Nor will you be our arbiter of what is and isn’t a fact. If we were to allow that, you would have the world believing that ‘Work Makes You Free’ and ‘2+2=5.’ 🙂

  2. Excited to listen to your show. Been listening since Steve started. TRTC will be a amazing addition to FWSN!


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