TRUTH: The REAL Reason The Herd Hates Free Thinkers

As a teacher of some 15+ years now, and a blogger of more than 20 years, I can tell you this is absolutely true. Not only can’t the heard think, but it fiercely resists any attempt to help it learn how to think.

Again, this is absolutely true! Now, do you know why it is true?

I have found that, more often than not, the reason the herd hates those who think for themselves is because the herd knows that thinking for themselves means they have to accept responsibility for their own actions. They much prefer to preserve the false idea that, if they do not think and just do as they are told, then they have a scape-goat to blame for their wrongs. The free thinker tears away the lie and forces the herd to face the Truth it wishes to ignore. Thus, the herd hates the free thinker.

Sadly, the herd is wrong, but then, the herd would have to think for themselves before they can see and understand this Truth…

One thought on “TRUTH: The REAL Reason The Herd Hates Free Thinkers

  1. TY, Joe, for continuing to speak truth… during my 34 years of public school teaching, I witnessed the diminishing of encouraging / teaching critical thinking to simply regurgitating “ information “ …this lack of critical thinking partially explains the current conditions today… don’t question just accept… I will continue to walk the narrow road… TY for all you do and May The Lord continue to bless your work

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