The Slippery Slope Of ‘Democracy’

This post is a two-fer (two lessons in one post).

Read this story, then we’ll chat:

Opinion: Republicans in Texas just voted to reject democracy

OK, finished? I hope so because, if you didn’t bother to read the article, what follows will be largely lost on you.

First, did you notice that the whole article was written with what is known in logic as, ‘loaded language?‘ Well, that is a fallacy. So, in spite of the fact that this piece is labeled as ‘opinion,’ it is — in fact — propaganda. I say this because it is ‘opinion’ promoted by the State-aligned media. [Notice how I wrote State-aligned instead of State-controlled? Yeah, I did that so no one could accuse me of using loaded language, as it has been clearly shown that CNN is aligned with the agenda of the American Left, making my statement one of fact and not opinion.]

This propaganda piece is also known as ‘The Slippery Slope.’ This is yet another fallacy. What happens here is, when the GOP democratically votes to do something within its Party, the Left claims it is a threat to democracy in general. A reasonable person would not only notice that there is absolutely no reason to accept the claim that a Party voting on its platform/direction is not a threat to a nation doing the same, the reasonable person would also notice that it is the author — not the Party — who is threatening democracy. he does so in two ways:

1 — He denies the Party its right to vote however its membership desires.

2 — It asserts that questioning clearly questionable election results is a threat in itself.

Both are a threat to democracy! First, a Party that is not free to set its own agenda by democratic vote is attacking democracy. Second, not being able to demand proof that an election was not rigged is an attack on democracy. The author has done both, then accuses the people questioning his Party of being the threat. At least, the author is truthful here: challenging his Party is a threat — to the author’s Party! And, in this case, rightfully so.

Now, setting aside the fact that this nation is not, never was and — YHWH willing — never will be a ‘democracy,’ let’s look at where the spirit of ‘democracy’ comes. Is it of YHWH, or of Satan?

By definition, ‘democracy’ encompasses the notion of ‘majority rule.’ Well, our Founders called this, ‘The Tyranny of the Masses,’ and they were right to do so. You see, the masses represent this world, or, at the very least, the way the world thinks. But YHWH tells His people not to be part of the masses. He says to be in/among them, but not to conform to them:

Romans 12:2 New American Standard Bible

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

In short: the masses do not and will never advocate for the things YHWH says are good and right and acceptable to Him. Therefore, advocating for ‘democracy’ is to advocate for Satan! Yes! You read that correctly, and I mean it — because it is 100% FACT!

After all, the masses ‘voted’ to execute an innocent man:

Mark 15:13-15 New American Standard Bible

They shouted back, “Crucify Him!” 14 But Pilate said to them, “Why, what evil has He done?” But they shouted all the more, “Crucify Him!” 15 Intent on satisfying the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas for them, and after having Jesus flogged, he handed Him over to be crucified.

Tell me, how is Pilot executing a man he knows is innocent simply to satisfy the crowed any different from our Government allowing BLM and ANTIFA to murder and destroy — simply to satisfy the masses?

What! You say ANTIFA and BLM are not the majority? Are you sure? After all, the same people telling you the election was not rigged are the ones telling you that ANTIFA and BLM represent the majority of Americans. You believe them about the election, so why not believe them when it comes to everything they tell you to believe?

Oh! And one more thing: if you think the religious stuff in this post has nothing to do with our founding ideals… Well, congratulations, you are in the ‘majority’ opinion. If that makes you feel good — makes you feel you are correct — then you are ‘of the world.’ Now how do you feel about ‘democracy’? 🙂

One thought on “The Slippery Slope Of ‘Democracy’

  1. I always wondered why the words “democrat” and “democracy” sound so familiar. Thought it was wordplay to fool people. Now I know better….

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