Stop Blaming The Oil Companies For The Cost Of Gas. JUST STOP IT! NOW!!!

OK, enough! Stop blaming oil companies because the government is driving up the cost of oil. It is not their fault! You should know this by now. If you do, then this post is not intended for you. If you already know what is going on, then spread this post far and wide. However, if you do not understand that I just asserted a cold, hard, 100% fact, put down that stupid phone and turn off the dang TV. Take the time to educate yourself by reading this post. Maybe that way, with a bit of luck and YHWH’s blessing, you won’t end up working to help the people trying to destroy this nation.

Let’s look at this issue without emotion. Just for a few minutes, pretend you’re a Vulcan and try to use whatever logic you can muster.

If it cost Exxon $40 to pull a barrel of oil from the ground, but government policies and bungling around the world causes the cost of that barrel to go up to $125+/barrel, they are going to make more money! That should be a given. But Exxon does not set the price of their oil. The market does that!

Here, take the time to educate yourselves about how the cost of commodities such as oil are actually set (and notice that the oil companies have almost nothing to do with it):

What Determines Oil Prices?

Who Sets the Price of Commodities?

What is happening here is very simple:

the American Left is doing exactly what they told you they were going to do:

Obama Wants $7-$9 Gas Prices and His Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Admitted it

If you ‘fact check’ this, the government’s propaganda wing (a.k.a. the ‘main stream’ media — HA!) will tell you the Left has never said they want higher gas prices. Well, if you need proof that this is a lie, then just give a listen to Obama telling you that is exactly what he wants to do:

If I sound angry, that’s because I am. Everyone should have learned to recognize this game by now. It plays out the same way, every — single — time!

Government shuts down pipelines, ends drilling leases, pulls or denies permits for new refineries, decrees regulations that increase the cost of producing and moving oil to market and — to cap it all off — they mess around in parts of the world where we have no interest getting involved and where it is known that unrest will lead to a spike in oil prices. They do all of this, then, when the cost of gas naturally — and predictably — goes up, they sit back, claim they are innocent and helpless and that it is all the fault of the ‘rich oil companies.’ ENOUGH! It is all a lie, and it id a lie designed to get you to support and defend the governments manipulation of the market to further an agenda the People never voted to implement.

That is what this video is all about: washing his hands of what he and his buddies had done while blaming the true victims of the intentional price manipulation — the oil companies:

I have written about this until I am blue in the face. I have had it with the intentionally ignorant among us. However, in the event you have never heard about it before, everything the government is doing has been explained in these two books:

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Nudge: The Final Edition

These books have absolutely nothing to do with improving anything! They are about how the Left can get the People to do what the Left wants without having to use the force of arms. This is because the Radical Left amounts to less than 20% of Americans, and they are even less than 20% of those who actually know how to fight. So, if they cannot trick you into it, they cannot succeed. This is what these two books are actually about: explaining to other Leftists how to set about tricking people into doing exactly what the Left wants.

For example: the Left needs to get all older cars off the market; cars without computers they can control. How do you go about doing that?


Or don’t you remember that? Do you remember what it did to the used car market? Or what it did to those who could not afford an expensive first car? BUT WAIT! There’s more! It also paid off the auto companies and the auto unions by forcing people to buy expensive new cars instead of older used cars. To the Left, this was a win-win-win all the way around. We foolishly rushed to ‘sell’ ourselves our own cars (well, force our neighbors to buy our cars by voting for these tyrants), which made the auto companies rich, which made the auto unions more money, which was then laundered back to the Left, who had now achieved their goal of eliminating older cars — and they made all of us pay for the whole thing!

These Left-Wing schemes are everywhere. This is what ‘Student Loan Forgiveness’ is all about: tricking you into electing people who promise to take your debt and give it to someone else to pay so they can program you to become automatons in their army while enriching their University allies and tricking you into thinking you are actually getting an education — all at the same time, and all on the People’s dime.

Well, that is what is happening now. Destroy the oil market so their partners in the auto and oil industries can get rich while the Left is busy destroying the very system that supports these companies. You see, the corporations are not innocent in all of this. They go along with it because they are blinded by greed. All they can see is the extra $$$ in the short term. They do not realize they are supporting the very rope which will eventually hang them. I mean, seriously: how many oil companies and auto plants are doing well in Venezuela or Cuba right now (and you know darn well I mean domestically!)???

So, pile on the oil companies all you’d like. You are just doing the Left’s job for them. You are giving them the excuse they need to freeze prices and increase taxes, which will further destroy the market until — eventually — they claim that Capitalism has failed — just like they said it would. They will blame everyone of their victims for the failure, then sell you the solution they couldn’t sell at the ballot box: COMMUNISM!

The sad part is, by the time this becomes obvious to you, the manufactured famine and pandemic fears will drive you into their open arms — begging to be enslaved! All you’ll want in return is a scrap of bread.

If you doubt me, just wait. I’ll most likely be dead by the time it happens, but this post may still exist to bear witness to the truth of my words!

ADDENDUM 6.19.2022
IN the event the reader thinks I am alone in what I see, I pulled this from Facebook:

When two people who do not know each other arrive at the exact same conclusions about a matter, it might be a coincidence. But the author of this meme and I are not alone. We are two among thousands, and that means, we have all arrived at the objective truth — together. Now, either join us, or get comfortable with the equally objective fact that you are on the wrong side of history (i.e. the side that hates and is seeking to destroy humanity).

ADDENDUM 6.22.2022

Once again, it is not ‘just me;’ it is the objective truth!

Roth: DEBUNKED and EXPLAINED: No, greedy oil companies are not to blame for gas prices

ADDENDUM 6.28.2022

Did corporate greed fuel inflation? It’s not biggest culprit

“There are much more plausible candidates for what’s going on,” said Jose Azar an economist at Spain’s University of Navarra.

They include: Supply disruptions at factories, ports and freight yards. Worker shortages. President Joe Biden’s enormous pandemic aid program. COVID 19-caused shutdowns in China. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And, not least, a Federal Reserve that kept interest rates ultra-low longer than experts say it should have.

10 thoughts on “Stop Blaming The Oil Companies For The Cost Of Gas. JUST STOP IT! NOW!!!

  1. Joe, TY for continuing to be a watchman on the wall…the Left will indicate what they intend to do… how many take it seriously ??? … May you continue to sound the alarm… it is so good to hear from you

    1. Well, things are finally starting to move for me on this end. I have been invited to join a new media network. It spawns from the radio program I used to guest on every month, and it is a fairly serious attempt to build something like Beck’s Blaze network. I have been offered a slot and, IF I can get a studio built, I might have a 2-3 hour show every M-F from (I hope) 9-12 CST. Until I get the studio put together, I will be posting video blogs and posts from TRTC. I’ll keep the board posted.

  2. TY, Joe… I remember Obama making these statements… Cash for Clunkers was happening when my then teenagers were trying to buy used cars and none were to be found …what is taking place is an intentional dismantling of the country… spiritual warfare is ever increasing… TY for being a watchman… Robert

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  3. Your writing style has changed, for the better.

    You are on fire. Unabashedly direct, to the point.

    You’ve found your voice.

    I like it.

  4. Lenin wrote, When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope. The big corporations have played their part in putting the USA into debt for sure. The big corporations wouldn’t have been allowed in Jefferson’s day.

  5. Thanks for the links. The most I knew about economics was the basic “supply and demand” factor.

    1. As you can see, there is actually a lot more to it — especially when 3rd Parties and government both get involved. At that point, it may still be ‘Capitalism’ but it is no longer a free market.

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