Oh! So You Thought I Was Kidding About Democrats Rigging Elections Again, Did You?

In case you missed my original post on this subject, you should read it now — before you continue with this post (no, seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, go read it — now!):

So, You Think The Dems Will Lose In The Mid-Terms? How Cute

I don’t know for sure, given that my audience tends to agree with me, but I suspect there will be some readers who think I am just making wild accusations. If this is you, all I have to say is that I can recognize patterns and I am seeing those patterns repeating again:

Those who seek to rule us are already setting the stage to play games with the elections this year, as well…

A paper shortage is looming over the 2022 elections. Seriously.

Supply chain snags are making it harder for election officials to secure the raw materials they need to put on this year’s primaries: paper and envelopes.

Michelle Malkin explains why it matters:

Beware the ‘Paper Shortage’ Election Ruse

[NOTE: Seriously, you need to read Malkin’s piece.]

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