The NWO, Bio-Weapons, A Global Holocaust and Prophecy

NOTE: I want to make this known up front: I am publishing this with a good deal of skepticism. I fell for the misdirection campaign that is ‘Q’ and the claims that the ‘White Hats’ were going to save the nation from the election theft, so I am being very cautious before accepting the information in the following links. That said, you might want to read my comments at the end of this post, as I can easily see a scenario where all of this makes perfect sense.


IF (if, if, IF) the following is true, then it explains everything we have seen since the start of this whole COVID-19 story — and I mean, it explains everything going all the way back to Obama/Biden and their bio labs in Ukraine. OK, admittedly, this is lengthy, but — if you will start watching it — I think you will agree the video is worth your time — even if only to hear a plausible argument:

OH! One last piece of information you might want to know before deciding whether or not to take the time to watch the video:


(Trust me, just seeing what ‘They’ have kept from you is worth the time to watch this video)

Part 1/3 – Dr. Brian Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and remdesivir

OK, now that you know the most likely source of the COVID virus, and what is actually killing people, let me offer you this story/pod-cast. This second link is discussing the mechanism that is actually killing people. The doctors presenting the information in this link most likely do not know about the information presented above (or didn’t at the time). Consequently, they are focusing on the ‘jabs’ as the cause of the spike proteins. Given what we just learned above, they are correct — as far as they go. They just didn’t realize they had to go back at least one more level to find the true origin and cause of the COVID-19/Jab deaths. So, with that said, please read/listen to this:

Attack from within After COVID-19 Vaccination

If you have followed along to this point (and that means you have watched the videos), this next video presents you with the most plausible motivation behind the COVID-19 virus/Jabs. The video is of Dr. Zev Zelenko, an orthodox Jew and true believer (he says his true family is all those who worship YHWH no matter what religion). This man is a very credible doctor who also happens to have Spiritual eyes to see. In this video, he draws the same conclusion I have. So, if you’re still with me, please watch this next video:

Dr. Zev Zelenko tells Mike Adams covid vaccines are a depopulation weapon against humanity



(*BIG sigh*) OK, there are two parts to this. Let me start by addressing the most obvious. First, I will say I am ‘putting on my tin-foil hat’ (and thus, I have plausible deniability if accused of actually believing any of what follows 😉 ). So, with my ‘conspiracy’ hat firmly in place…:

Suppose you have a group — with strong ties to the American Eugenics movement — who firmly believe they have to reduce the global population by 7.4 Billion people! However, they realize they can’t just start killing people. Instead, they have to find a way to kill off the global population in a way that the masses will not realize what is happening until it is too late. Ideally, they need a way that even gets the masses to participate in their own elimination.

Suppose you also have a group of people who have a plan to re-make the entire world, replacing all current economic systems in the process. However, in order for their plan to work, they need a way to shut down the current global economic system, preferably creating global shortages and instability in the process. This way, they can actually convince people to beg for the solution they will offer; a solution that is actually the plan they have spent decades devising.

Suppose you have a third group of people who realize they are about to lose control of the political organs necessary to keep them in power and allow them to push their political agendas. This group has a plan to steal elections, but it requires massive changes to the election process; changes that they do not have time to force through the facade of legislation.

Finally, suppose all three of these groups are aware of each other and are willing to work together if and when they believe the other two groups can help them with their agenda. And suppose that, whatever the details, these groups are mixed up in bio-research that they believe could offer solutions to their problems. Now suppose that these groups have international ties which not only allow them to conduct this research in other countries, but also create compromising ties to the governments of these other countries.

Do you know how you can tie all of that together in a single, simple and coherent story?

At some point, the Fed and the NWO people; Gates and the depopulation crowd, Soros, Obama and the social engineering crowd all get tied up in genetic and/or bio-weapons research. They are looking for a mechanism that will help them push their individual agendas. Their research gets pushed out of the U.S. because it is considered to be ‘too dangerous.’ So, they move it to Ukraine, where it is discovered by Putin. Putin uses it as cover to invade Crimea, which then forces this cabal to move it to China. However, certain parts of the work continues in the U.S. Then comes President Trump, who threatens to expose the corruption in Ukraine as well as initiate policies which finally cause real economic pain for China. When Trump announces for his second term, and this cabal realizes they cannot defeat Trump in a fair election, they realize — ready or not — it is time to launch their plans into action.

So, China releases COVID-19 into the world (there are actually good reasons to believe in started in the U.S. as early as September/October 2019, and there are connections to the global cruise ship industry, as well). Then the media — which is part of the cabal — starts to hype COVID as an extremely deadly threat. Their goal is to create enough panic that people will accept the lock-downs. At the same time, world health organizations (also compromised by this cabal) step in to refuse any of the many known treatments for the COVID virus. Instead, they start pushing treatments that they know will actually kill people in great numbers. While this is going on, another part of the cabal uses COVID as an excuse to illegally force mail-in voting on many key parts of the U.S.. This is then used to openly steal a Presidential election, and the theft is protected by the corrupted DOJ, the Courts and the media. When the dementia patient is seated (a pure figurehead), the cabal then uses the power it just seized to force the jabs on as many people as possible — world-wide!

And there you go, a win for every group in the cabal. By the time the masses finally figure out what happened to them (if the masses ever figure it out), it will be too late. They will have already been poisoned with a toxin that is now little more than a time bomb ticking away inside their bodies. And those who have not been jabbed… Well, the majority of them fall into a group which will be the focus of my next section. However, they will have self-identified, and — if I am correct — the cabal will blame them for everything and whip the dying masses into a frenzy which will find the world openly supporting a new holocaust against the un-jabbed.


Now, I said that last part was directed at the most obvious aspect of what I believe is happening. That is what believers might call, ‘the world.’ This next part is just going to be short commentary that will likely be understood only by those who know their Scriptures very, very well. So, if this is you, here are a few more thoughts for you.

First, there is a great deal of genetic manipulation going on here. I see it as what it is: an attempt to corrupt the Human genome to the point where no one will truly be human anymore. But it is also an attempt to reverse what happened at Babel. Now, if you know the story told in I Enoch, then the following warning might suddenly take on a whole new and much expanded meaning to you:

“As in the days of Noah…”

Also, not all, but I suspect the majority of those who refused the jab are those who belong to the Remnant. As such, the hand that is truly behind all of this will seek to kill as many of the un-jabbed as possible. The cabal will blame all the deaths they cause by the forced jabs on those who refused to get the jab (something that has actually started already) and will focus the resulting anger and fear of the unbelieving world on the un-jabbed (who are mostly the true believers). As the world-wide die-ff grows, the demand for retribution will grow until, eventually, the cabal will use it as an excuse to ‘eliminate’ the threat posed by the un-jabbed. Thus, the cabal will seek to kill the un-jabbed. A new holocaust will be born. Which brings us to something I never understood how YHWH would make happen: a return of the Christian Remnant to the nation of Israel.

As things get worse for the un-jabbed believers, Israel — as the most jabbed nation of earth — will suffer the most deaths. However, rather than turn on the un-jabbed like the rest of the world, Israel will recognize the un-jabbed as worshipers of YHWH and open its doors to them. The idea will be to repopulate their country, and the rationalization will be that at least the un-jabbed worship the same God. When this happens, the un-jabbed will flock to the nation of Israel. However, this will concentrate the un-jabbed in one place while identifying everyone in the nation of Israel as a child of YHWH at the same time. The double hatred of the world (against the un-jabbed believed to be causing the global die-off and Islam’s hatred of YHWH’s people, period) will finally cause the world to turn on Israel and, quite likely, try to eliminate it by the use of nuclear weapons.

Now, I understand that this is all just wild speculation. I get it. But it is speculation that has the benefit of not only explaining what is happening to the world right now, and why; but it also explains how the few prophecies which remain unfulfilled can be fulfilled in a world where that does not yet seem possible. You see, everything I just described about the believers flocking back to Israel and the global attack on Israel is all prophecy yet to be fulfilled. So, while I have no doubt I have most of this wrong, I am equally sure that I am closer to the mark than most will believe.

3 thoughts on “The NWO, Bio-Weapons, A Global Holocaust and Prophecy

  1. If we assume the demonic forces will continue to have free rein, then that Apocalypse Now scenario plays out much as you say.
    If God chooses to protect mankind from said scenario, there may be other factors to consider. America might be the people referred to in Matt. 21:43, with covenants of the Pilgrims and of George Washington. We might then have a task to perform, see Matt. 24:14. The Jesus Film is a beginning, but the task will take quite a while.
    God can pause things as long as He chooses; the time between the Ascension and the Pilgrims was not prophesied but was necessary to prepare the culture and technology. He can intervene now to stop the demonic actors, He can heal whichever people he chooses, the world can be evangelized yet, and the scroll of Revelation can be unrolled at a far future time.
    We will have to wait and see and play whatever role we feel led to.

    1. I do not deny what you say could well be true. However, there are a few things you might want to add to the mix here.

      1 — There are many very good reasons to believe the U.S. is the seat of Ephraim, the leader of the House of Israel — into which the Gentiles are grafted in (i.e. the Christian Church).

      2 — Ephraim play a major role in the End Times, and prophecy says He will return to the nation of Israel. In fact, prophecy says Ephraim returns, ‘trembling from the West.’ Get a globe and trace a straight line due west from Jerusalem and tell me where you land 😉

      3 — The final point is this. According to Daniel, who gives it the name, ‘end times,’ once that period starts, it does not stop or pause, and it only lasts for a ‘short season’ (say 90 years or less in the prophetic language). Again, there are very good reasons to believe that clock started either in 1948 or 1967. I’ll leave you to do the math on that one for yourself 😉

      1. 1 and 2, yes – I read Ballard’s book.
        2, current technology can reach the world in well under 90 years. China and India will be resistant, and probably require some divine intervention to get their attention, plus a learning curve. This will be an interesting decade, but I’m already 81.

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