THIS Is How We Hit Back, Folks

Be careful with all the fake propaganda stories out there about Disney and DeSantis. If Disney looses its special protections, it will not cost Floridians billions in new taxes. This is something the Progressives are pushing to try and scare people — as usual. The truth is, if Disney looses its special protections, it will finally have to play on a level playing field — which will also mean more tax revenues to local municipalities. If that does not result in tax savings for Floridians, it will only be because they are still electing Progressives and not principle statesmen like DeSantis!

Here, give this a read, as it is a very clear and factual explanation of what is happening:

Did Disney Bite Off More Than It Could Chew With DeSantis?


For all those would-be political types out there: this is what real Americans have been wanting for decades, and DeSantis is showing you all how to do it. Don’t just talk about pushing back and make a fake show of having tried to do something, actually do it! Use the law and the proper powers of government to not only stop, but punish the minority of people who have been forcing their political agendas down the nation’s throat for decades! And make it hurt. These corporations have been allowed to say and do what they want for far too long. Let them keep doing it, just start making them pay the price for it.

OH! And in case you want-to-be political types are worried about how you will be treated by the voters if you actually do what the voters want you to do: look at how DeSantis is being treated. He may well be a more popular political rock star than Trump. Just look at how much support he has in Florida. He turned us from purple to hard red in just a couple years. Just think of what we could do with a nation filled with leaders like him.

One thought on “THIS Is How We Hit Back, Folks

  1. True leadership indeed. I hope more states copy what Florida is doing.

    Thanks to DeSantis, “grooming schools”, “queer theory”, and other tactics of the Left are seeing the light of day. Years of “progress” are being rolled back overnight, as people are waking up.

    Nice to see ACTION.

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