So, You Think The Dems Will Lose In The Mid-Terms? How Cute

Everyone is talking about how scared the Democrats are. The assumption is that the Democrats are going to lose in a landslide in the up-coming mid-term elections. I think these people are so cute. Their naivety is just charming.

Why? Why does anyone honestly believe the Democrats will lose any election they really want to win? We just let them steal a Presidential election, and they did it out in the open. Their candidate even told us they were going to steal it. Or didn’t you catch these video clips before the 2020 election (and remember, dementia does not lie, so Biden is actually telling you the truth in these clips)?

First, Biden tells people he does not work for them (so who does he actually work for?):

Next, Biden says he doesn’t need your vote to get elected (he needs support after the election, to help him keep the steal):

Finally, Biden tells you the truth (and, yes, Obama stole the 2012 election, as well):

The evidence has been in our face since election night, 2020, but now, it has been documented by a respected investigator who applied sound analytical principles to the facts and came to the obvious conclusion:

New Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud

Now, before anyone reads this and starts to cite any of the ‘main stream’ pieces claiming to ‘prove’ there is nothing to any of this: STOP! The ‘main stream’ media and the whole of government — on State and Federal levels — are part of the voter fraud system. Citing them as ‘proof’ they did nothing wrong is like accepting Jeffrey Dahmer’s word that he is innocent while watching him eating someone’s hand. Besides, Biden just told you they had the most extensive, most inclusive organization of voter fraud in U.S. history.

Maybe this is why the courts told the GOP it had to have proof of 1 — voter fraud and 2 — that is was at a scale large enough to change the election before they would grant the GOP right of discovery. It didn’t matter that the GOP was totally excluded from observing the election system in the counties where the election was stolen, or that, if the fraud happened, it would have changed the election. The Court demanded proof of guilt before the investigation would be allowed! This is not how the law works — and every one of those judges knows it! These rulings are the same as if the Court had asked whether or not an accused murderer had killed enough people to matter before allowing the DA to open file charges against someone when he had just presented the evidence he needed to convict the murderer. That is prima facia evidence that the Court is part of the voter fraud system the DNC has created.

So, I’ll ask my question again:

Given the fact that they have now stolen 2 Presidential elections, why does anyone think the GOP will be able to defeat any Democrat in an district the DNC wants to keep?

Now, take the video clips I just posted and apply them to all the ‘gaffs’ Biden supposedly made about Ukraine, U.S. policy and American troop involvement.

Heck, for that matter, apply it to all the times Biden has told you Kamala Harris is actually the President.

If any of these ‘gaffs’ bother you, GOOD! They should. Not because a dementia patient is running this country, but because the people who actually are running the country are demonstrating that they have no moral qualms about lying to you about or abusing an elderly dementia patient to further their political agenda.

ADDENDUM 4.6.2022

They are already setting the stage to play games with the elections this year, as well…

A paper shortage is looming over the 2022 elections. Seriously.

Supply chain snags are making it harder for election officials to secure the raw materials they need to put on this year’s primaries: paper and envelopes.

Michelle Malkin explains why it matters:

Beware the ‘Paper Shortage’ Election Ruse

[NOTE: Seriously, you need to read Malkin’s piece.]

2 thoughts on “So, You Think The Dems Will Lose In The Mid-Terms? How Cute

  1. Funny, I just walked into a Michael’s not long ago and found not only plenty of sketch books, but a “buy two get one free” sale going on. There is definitely something SKETCHY going on here.

    …Hold the tomatoes-I’ll leave.

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