Manipulation And Control Through Advertising And News Media

I was asked to write on some of the many ways that we are controlled and manipulated in our daily lives. The following video is actually a decent over-view of this subject. Yes, it is more than 1 hour and 40 minutes long, but then, this is a very extensive subject and the documentary does a fairly decent job of covering it. However, if you watch the whole thing, you will notice that you are being manipulated within a documentary about hidden manipulation.

Notice how the subjects they address are almost all connected to issues of concern to the ‘Far Right.’ Toward the end, when they address political issues, notice how they attack George W Bush, one commentator even doing so in front of a wall covered with ‘‘ logos. Thgis is a Left-wing organization. Even then, the term, ‘democracy,’ has been branded to the American Left, so that — alone — is subliminal advertising. While the issue they are talking about — War in Iraq — is less subliminal control and more ‘The Big Lie.’

Note also, when they do address a Democrat issue, like the David Koresh story, they refer to the Administration as, ‘They.’ Or, when they talk about the centralization of media under five or six main corporate parents, they never mention that all of these big corporations are controlled by Left-Wing Democrats. They rightly point out that who controls a media company is important, but they avoid telling you that the same political ideology controls most all the media in this country.

Finally, when they dismiss accusations of subliminal advertising as having ‘no proof,’ consider the different organizations they say were created specifically to fight something they claim does not exist. Organizations do not form to prevent or direct possible legislation for something that does not exist. They are formed to control and direct something that is very real and which they do not wish to lose.

So, with that said, give this a watch:

After watching this, hopefully, you will be a little better equipped to recognize the many attempts to control and manipulate you which you routinely encounter in your daily life.



If you can find this movie, it is actually a much better dramatization of the issue at hand. Just remember, ‘They’ intentionally reveal what they do and how they do it in the movies (evil likes to boast):

John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ Was Supposed to Be a Warning. We Didn’t Heed It. We Didn’t Even Understand It.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist adding this meme to the post — mostly because I believe it is absolutely true!

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