Taxes And Inflation: The Historical Connections

The American ‘Progressives’ are the same people who gave us the ‘Progressive’ income tax. They are also the same people who have given us deficit spending, which leads to inflation. If deficit spending exceeds a certain point, it leads to massive inflation. So, if you are a truly educated individual, you can do the math here, which means this headline does not surprise you. In fact, you’ve been expecting it:

Shocking ‘Inflation Tax’ Calculated by Economists: Americans Will Face Enormous Bill in 2022

Americans are facing what Bloomberg Economics has dubbed an “inflation tax” of $5,200 per year.

Neither does this headline surprise you. Again, you knew it was coming:

Proposed Minimum Tax on Billionaire Capital Gains Takes Tax Code in Wrong Direction

Under the Progressives’ proposal to tax these billionaires, they will levy taxes on money that has not been earned/made/collected. Yes, you read that correctly: they are going to tax people on income they do not make.

Honestly, none of this is really all that surprising. Those of us with real educations know and understand how these things are all connected. However, even if we have a real education, we might not be aware of how far back these ideas actually go. Some of us might be aware that Woodrow Wilson was enamored with Communism, calling it ‘the Scientific Administration of Government.’ In fact, he designed his Progressivism to implement an ‘American’ form of Communism. Wilson just disagreed with the Communist’s assertion that it had to be done through violent revolution. Wilson chose to achieve the same goal through incremental steps toward that final goal. Hence the term, Progressive:’ meaning, not ‘progress’ in the sense of advancement – as he sold it to the American People — but progress toward the ultimate goal, an American form of Communism.

However, in order to do this, Wilson had to destroy the existing system, which, among other things, would require him to destroy the middle class. Communism requires a dependent lower class, which meant the middle class had to go. Luckily (for Progressives), Wilson knew how to do this. After all, his political hero told him how to do it:

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

–Vladimir Lenin

Now you know how far back all of this goes, but you’re also starting to understand why Wilson instituted an individual, personal income tax. If you only get your information from the Progressive-controlled sources such as our schools, universities and media, then you might be convinced that the 16th Amendment and income tax were actually good things, and that the Progressives were helping the country. But this is because these sources are Progressive, and Progressivism can only survive by lie and deception. After all, the Progressives started the scientific study of mass-deception we now call ‘propaganda.’ And they did it to sell their agenda to America in a way that the American People not only accepted, but embraced.

The truth is found in the private (although openly published) writings of the Progressives: what they said to each other. When you find those documents and read them, you will see that the Progressives instituted the personal income tax so they could grow the Federal government while — at the same time — destroying the middle class. They have used deficit spending for the same purposes. But there is still one more thing the Progressives have done that also goes hand-in-hand with their socialist agenda.

Today, everyone knows we are a ‘democracy,’ right? WRONG! America is — or, was supposed to — a republic! Not a ‘democracy.’ This is because the Founders rightly understood that ‘democracy’ is nothing less than the tyranny of the masses. But the Progressives — being Socialists — knew the importance of of the role democracy plays in achieving their goals:

Democracy is indispensable to socialism.

–Vladimir Lenin

And this is why the Progressives pushed women’s’ suffrage (not for the reason they claimed), as well as the 17th Amendment. It is also why they push for open borders and giving illegal aliens the right to vote. They need to dilute the informed vote with the vote of uninformed and greedy votes: and by greedy, we mean people who are voting themselves other people’s money.

Anyway, I know that few will read this, and fewer still will put in the time and work necessary to prove to themselves that I am correct. It is far easier to either ignore my post or, if it is read, to dismiss it as ‘Right-wing’ lunacy. The problem is, I can show you where I got every idea I just wrote, and it all came directly from the mouths and pens of Progressives!

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