Who Is The ‘Reasonable,’ Moral Person Among Us These Days?

We live in a day and age where few people bother to actually read. I pray this is not my audience. However, for the sake of those who might wish to share my posts with those who refuse to concentrate for more than a few seconds, here is a powerful message presented as succinctly as I know how to share it.




Who is the most ‘reasonable,’ moral person among us: the one who believes and places their trust in these people, are the one who rejects them as what they are: liars, thieves, pedophiles, murderers and psychopaths?


THE POINT EXPLAINED: The People condemned in the meme are the same as the guy in the video. They have to convince you to accept their ideas by lying to and deceiving you, and they have been repeatedly caught in their lies. They are all Socialists of some flavor or another, and all Socialism is theft, which means they are all thieves. A great many of them have been exposed to be pedophiles, which is why nothing ever happened with Epstein’s files, or the accusations toward Hollywood and — now — Disney and teachers admitting to their perversions. They created and used COVID-19 to shut down the world, murdering thousands in the process (yes, all of that is absolutely true, and the proof is in the public square, but their media will not share it with you). This puts them in the same category as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Now, in this video, one of their public leaders boasts about what ‘They’ are going to do to the whole world. He even admits that they have no idea how ‘Their’ experiments will affect the world, but he knows it will likely cause world-wide upheaval (which will result in many, many more deaths). But does he show any humility or question whether or not ‘They’ should do any of these things? NO! He is actually excited about it, and that makes him part of a cabal of psychopaths.

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