Well, Now, Isn’t This Cute?

Have you ever noticed that it is always the privileged who tell us we are the spoiled ones and, therefore, we are the ones who need to ‘sacrifice’ in order to save the world?

BlackRock president warns ‘entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice’ that they will soon face shock due to major shortages: ‘Put on your seatbelts’

The president of the world’s largest asset management company just issued a stark warning to members of America’s “entitled generation.”

Tell me something: how much ‘sacrifice’ do you think this guy is going to make?

If I were to say what I actually think we should do in response to this, this man — and his friends — would likely label me a ‘terrorist’ and have me jailed. But that isn’t what actually bothers me most. What bothers me most is, if I were to echo TJ here, rather than rallying to the call, the vast majority of Americans would sit back and just take the pain this man plans to inflict on them.

Oh, and one more thing!

Never forget that the whole reason for this need to ‘sacrifice’ is artificial. This man and his friends have created an artificial crisis specifically for the reason of getting you to willingly submit to the ‘sacrifices’ they are going to demand from you — and it is all so they can set up a new global feudalism where They rule the world!

Now, choose: will you bow to them, or to the Creator of the Universe. Just remember: one will maybe save your life here, now — for a little while. But the other, though you may lose your life here, will give you eternal life with Him in the hereafter. So, again, choose well. Oh! And, if you choose not to choose, or worse, you choose wrong, don’t try to say you weren’t warned.

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